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    Default new enhancements please take a look

    Source: [1] ⇪

    Enhancement UI is going to be replaced with a tree-based design that should make character planning and advancement much better and also have the added benefit of making it easier for us to implement new enhancements...

    Characters will have 1 racial tree and 3 class trees (PREs). The restriction that you can only have one PrE from one class is going away.

    Initially, players will have the second (from the bottom) row of enhancements available to them. As players spend enhancement points within the current tree, additional tiers of enhancements will become available to them. Enhancements will no longer have a “total action points spent” prerequisite, this is replaced by a “total action points spent in this tree” prerequisite, and is defined by the tier the enhancement is on. (5 * [Tier of Enhancement – 1]). Certain number of class levels might also be a prerequisite for the enhancements in the top half.

    ◦The bottom row contains the granted abilities, unlocked by spending points in a tree and meeting the class level requirement (3/6/9/12/15/18/20).
    ◦Some enhancements will remain the same, but many will be new. The changed enhancements will also help balance out many classes (think augmentation here, not nerfs). Some enhancements will be going away, and others will be combined into others or modified to some degree.
    ◦Most enhancements cost 1 Action Point. Rare ones will cost more. Costs do not increase each time you take an enhancement. Most of them will have 5 ranks in my current proposal, with class level requirements on the ranks.
    ◦It won't come before mid year.
    ◦Free enhancements reset when this goes live; players will have to respend action points.
    ◦Players should be able to spend action points anywhere in the world by opening up the Enhancements UI, without needing to seek out a trainer. Enhancements can be reset on a tree-by-tree basis using the “Reset Enhancements” button near the bottom of each pane, which is only available in public areas. This has a platinum cost associated with it based on the number of points currently spent in the tree.
    [edit] Multiclassed Characters
    Multiclassed characters are also limited to 3 class trees (but they can select from a larger list). They must decide whether a couple of enhancements from a class are worth locking that tree in as one of the three selectable ones.

    A multiclassed character can change a class enhancement tree with 0 points spent in it to a different class tree that is available to them using the drop down menus. For example, if this character multiclassed into Wizard, it could change the Rogue: Thief-Acrobat tree into Wizard: Archmage, Wizard: Pale Master, or Wizard: Wild Mage. Trees that have points spent in them cannot be changed to other trees. The racial tree cannot be swapped out for a different one.

    If you choose to take an enhancement from one class and a similar one in another, they'll stack instead of being prohibited.

    After player concerns, the limitation of 3 class trees is being discussed. [2] ⇪

    [edit] Class Tree
    Spending points in a class tree unlocks PrE bonuses. For example, the tempest tree has the following enhancements:

    ◦Action Boost: Haste, Two Weapon Accuracy, Slashing Blades, and A Thousand Cuts.
    Tempest abilities for spending points in the Tempest tree:

    ◦5 Points Spent: +2 shield bonus when dual wielding
    ◦10 Points Spent: Tempest I, +10% off hand attacks, Scimitars are treated as light weapons and can be finessed.
    ◦15 Points Spent: +3 shield bonus when dual wielding
    ◦20 Points Spent: Tempest II, +10% off hand attacks, Deflect Arrows while dual wielding
    ◦25 Points Spent: +4 shield bonus when dual wielding
    ◦30 Points Spent: Tempest III, +5% doublestrike when dual wielding
    ◦41 Points Spent: Dervish - Full ability score bonus for damage on off hand
    Current Tier 3 is at 30 points (level 18 required). Spending 41 points in a tree grants the tier specific capstone. We've taken a bunch of the Dervish abilities and merged them into the Tempest tree. They were similar enough in nature.

    There will be fairly large changes to the prereq system for enhancements. PrE's will be gained by spending points in their associated tree. (Spend X points in the Assassin tree and have 6 levels of Rogue [or Halfling] and you're considered an Assassin I.)

    Some of the tree enhancements will have feat prereqs, (i.e. can't get Improved Power Attack without Power Attack...) but we're trying to keep the specific requirements of enhancements as simple to understand as possible.

    Some of the abilities that are currently attached directly to PrE's are now in the tree - the Assassin poisons, for instance, will be selectable enhancements in the Assassin tree and will work fairly differently than they do now.

    General class-specific enhancements are gone; redistributed into the most appropriate prestige tree, e.g.:

    ◦The Deepwood Sniper is built up as the "forester / hunter" line for the rangers, and has the Favored Enemy modifiers.
    ◦Extra Song is in the Virtuoso tree for Bards.
    ◦Some things are currently slated in multiple trees - we've got Assassin Dex I and II, for instance, alongside Thief-Acrobat Dex I and II in the Rogue trees. They're currently expected to stack.
    [edit] Racial Tree
    Each race will have an enhancement that adds another specific enhancement tree to the character’s available list of trees. Elves and Half-Elves, for instance, gain access to the Arcane Archer tree if they take the racial enhancement to unlock it. Dwarves gain access to Stalwart Defender. The player can choose to unlock the tree and then not use it, if they so desire. Trees unlocked in this way use the character’s total character level instead of class level for prerequisites and effects.

    ◦Dwarf: Stalwart Defender
    ◦Warforged: Stalwart Defender
    ◦Halfling: Assassin
    ◦Half-Orc: Ravager
    ◦Elf: Arcane Archer
    ◦Drow: Tempest
    ◦Human: Pick one. (Slightly higher investment in Racial tree required to unlock.)
    ◦Half-Elf: Arcane Archer, Human, Elf (Yes, in our current plan they can unlock racial trees from the other races if desired. They might be able to go Half-Elf tree -> Human tree -> Any PrE through gargantuan AP expenditures.)
    [edit] Dragonmarks
    ◦We've been discussing some possible changes to Dragonmarks as well. The Extra Dragonmark enhancement is likely to change into an "Improved Dragonmark" enhancement that grants both additional uses and other perks. We've also been debating turning the Lesser and Greater marks into enhancements that have the Least mark as a prerequisite, freeing up some feats on Dragonmark builds.
    ◦One of the stretch goals is to have additional acquirable abilities for the Dragonmarks. These may not make it in the initial release. (Improved Dragonmark of Healing -> Jorasco Jadehand)
    (in case you didnt know about them) this is from wiki i know nothing but what is in this text (on a personal note i dont like the new enhancements beacuse im used to the ones we have now that weve had for over 4 yrs and i like how they are now changeing to new ones will be very hard
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    hmmm if they are going to add capstones to pre lines i just hope that this also means they are finishing at least one pre line per class together with this new enhancement tree release ... else the difference between classes with full trees and those with only one or two tiers will widen even more =/
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    Thumbs up Good!!

    I think this is a fantastic idea. (long overdue) but your goin to have to offer FULL character respecs .. Not just enhancement respecs as people have spent feats just to unlock the PrE's!!

    Don't short change this!!
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    We are creating a strange feedback loop here. The OP's post is taken from, which itself is a complitation of info from that 146-pager:
    All the info on that wiki page is not "new" information, but rather stuff from official dev posts made in the last 2 weeks.
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    Yeah what Karl said

    To the OP ... Try checking out the "Dev Tracker" at the top of the forums (on the red bar) and look for the Lets Talk! Posts.

    Just remember what you read on the Wiki is more than likely a direct source of information from these forums. not the other way round.

    The info you posted is a work in progress, up for debate, not even been confirmed, subject to change, etc, etc.

    Any discussion here will likely be missed or ignored by the Devs so any suggestions people post here (good or bad) may not even affect the topic.

    To be honest, it shouldn't even be listed on the wiki unless its available under an article that actually breaks down the specifics of the Lets Talk Articles posted in the "Official Turbine Discussion" Forum
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