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    Exclamation Forum Logout Problem is Back/Never left?

    I logged into the forums for the first time since the forums started logging people out, instead of into MyDDO first because I had read somewhere that the problem was fixed.

    Well it's not. I was in the middle of a post that got lost because I was logged out while typing it. This is getting real old. It's been happening for a while now. How hard is it to fix this?

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    I was trying to report a bug earlier.

    When I went to the bug reporting page I was asked to log back in, which I did, clicking on 'remember me'.

    I was then redirected to the main forum page.

    If I pasted the URL of the bug reporting tool into the browser, it again asked me to log in, redrecting me to the main forum page.

    I checked MyDDO and was logged in.

    I then went to the forums and had to search for a link (in a post) to the bug reporting tool before I could report a bug.

    PS you can not repair Canith challenge items (ie Kobold Gem Of Disguising).
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