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Thread: Permadeath DND

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    Default Permadeath DND

    There's a new guild out there reaching out for players who wants to change the grind-game that DDO became.
    Sometimes it's nice to care for your toon. Sometimes you want the excitment of not-dying. Sometimes you want to feel PNP experience. This guild is for you.

    Guild leader: Silverrine.
    If you send an in-game mail to Silverrine with a valid Email, you will get the rules set to your mail and if you accept the rules you can just send a new toon's name in the game and get recruited.

    the purpose is to play like Diablo, you die - bye bye, gear is expensive, every potion counts, money is something you use to buy stuff you need and not to become even more epic. Byebye grinding. hello PNP.

    you can also try to catch me online on my alts: Lerrine, Soullan, Slinna.

    CYA in the game.

    Shameless Leader of Arogostinas Guild.

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    You might want to let people know which server your guild is on.

    Good luck.

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