Greetings, this will be quick and short:

What: New toon, lvl 4. going 2 go 2 lvl 20.

Who: Moksorc.

How: Zergs.

Why: Because I can.

How to join: Send me a in game message through mail or when I am on. Messages to Moksorc.
All players interested must be Mountain Time, VIP/own all content, and have a toon at level 3 or 4. Must be active and play daily. Will accept eastern players and west coasters. Know the game. Don't be a goof, Tr's are welcome, this sorc is not, just an alt toon. Mic is needed, no children, the game T for TEENS, Taking 18+, or mature teenagers, i know you are out there.. Hope to see you in-game. Starting January 19th 2012 at 3:30 P.M (MOUTAIN TIME.), Apply before and at the latest by the 22nd.