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    Default A little help with DR stacking

    Hello All!

    Im sure this has been asked and answered many different times (maybe not this specific)

    I would like to know if the feats - shield mastery and greater shield mastery - stack with fvs adamantine dr like the cap stone and wf dr and adamantine body. Im thinking about a fvs with adamantine dr and shield mastery

    Is that valid?


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    Yes. The shield mastery damage reduction is actually independent of any DR and "stacks" with anything. It reduces a percentage of damage, rather than a flat amount. The active blocking DR from using a shield behaves like typical DR, but also stacks with your highest level of existing DR.

    So, yes, you can reduce a fairly ridiculous amount of incoming damage on a warforged pure favored soul with adamantine body and shield mastery and the DR enhancements, actively shield blocking.
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