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    Default Need a good bard build

    I would like to make a bard, but I have no clue how to build him, ok so here are the details:
    I wan't a WF bard, with good 2 handed dps and good song DC's, MAYBE healing, and it must be a 28pt build


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    The Classic Rocker [20 Bard Warchanter]

    you'll be wanting 'Alternate Version -- ROBOT ROCK', scroll down the page a bit to find stats and progression path
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    Also consider Genghis Khan; the posted builds are 32-pt, but it's pretty easy to adapt to 28-pt WF (e.g., base stats 18 / 8 / 18 / 6 / 8 / 8). I would back-load the ftr & barb levels a bit to get WC I sooner (similar to my TWF variant Kublai Khan), but there's room to be flexible.

    Check out the Diva's Love Guide as well.

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    Simply do a forum search for the "diva's bard love guide".

    Everything you will ever need to know (bar what expericence teaches) with reference to the most popular builds for the various types of bard around.

    Bookmark it, re-read it often, and try as many variations of bard as you can, they're all good!.

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