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    Default Point me in the direction of a good monk build/guide

    I have a level 14 monk sitting around that really is not much good at anything so I do not play him very much. I decided a while back to make a foray into playing a monk and try as hard as I might, I had a lot of difficulty wrapping my head around good strategies for the class. I am thinking of doing a greater reincarnation to bring him up to a 32 point build but wanted to see what I should look into before buying the heart, if it is even worth it at all. The character is currently a half-orc lawful neutral, so I would be stuck with that if I did a GR. The other option is to just trash him and reroll, which I would not be heartbroken to do as it would not take much time to get a first lifer back up to 14. But I have plenty of TP and plenty of plat if I really wanted to get the heart. I do have some decent gear banked for him but most of it is BTA not BTC as I have not spent a lot of time on him.

    So... what I am looking for are suggestions on a build that is relatively idiot-proof either through GR or reroll. Thoughts?

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    post your current build and gear. I would try to patch him up with some feat swaps amd gear polishing in-game if possible and gimp him to 20 and fix by TRing. horc LN is not a bad choice, but start stats with 28 points could be off. Did you pick up the TWF line? TR would jump you from 28 to 34 add 1 damage and open up a nice PL feat, big thumbs up there
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    If you don't mind pushing your current character to 20 and then doing a TR, I ran a toon modeled off of this thread a while back: Build was solid and I eventually ran some epics with him as well. 28 pts might be a little tight for building a monk, so the 34 pts would give you the room needed for stat allocation.

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