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    Default Barbarian Life, need a hand. :)

    Hey peeps.
    I've asked for and recieved help many times on here, and find myself back once again.

    I'm almost finished with my Paladin life, and my last one before completionist is Barbarian. Every life I've done, and every toon I've made has been totally self reliant, able to handle himself easily on elite at level. But I'm having trouble with working out how to do that with Barb.
    Tips or advice would be MUCH appreciated.

    As with my previous posts, I'll explain a little about my playstyle and preferances.

    Every life I've done has been either Warforged or Halfling, will be sticking with this theme, leaning heavily towards Warforged at the moment.

    36 Point build obviously, all the passive past lives and optionally the chosen feats to back me up.

    People would probably call me a Zerger, but I personally think I just quest efficently. No waiting around, no wasting time. But I'm not stupid either, I pull mobs where I know I can handle it or take it slowly when I know I can't.

    Well geared 1-20 for melee or casting rolls, especially for hybrids of the 2.

    I have a MinII GA, and a pair of LitII Kopeshes, usually swap between those depending on what life I'm on, happy to go with either at the moment, not sure yet.

    +2's eaten at 7.

    Don't really care, I pile points into UMD, Balance, Tumble, Concentration and Jump usually. (In that order)

    Not going pure, for obvious reasons.
    Been leaning towards 2 idea's really..

    9 Barb. 8 or 9 Bard or Arti. 2 or 3 Fighter or Rogue.

    Probably more towards the Arti.

    9 Barb for life, (bleh) 8 Arti would give me Repair Serious/Stoneskin/Flame Turret/Elemental Weapons and a few other minor spells, if I took 9 or 10 Arti I could get Repair Critical and Armor of Speed, which would be nice. The 3 Rogue or Fighter would be, respectively, for Evasion + UMD + Sneak Attack, or Feats + HP + Enhancements.

    Bard would give me Haste and Displacement, + UMD and scroll healing. Although I am not convinced this would be enough.

    I am happy to Lesser out of a class to ensure I get the Barb PL at cap, I wouldn't do this normally but I've been dreading Barb quite badly, haha. So will pay the extra $5 to get it over with.

    10 Arti would be probably 800-1000sp with my gear, conop and torc + pots would be way more than enough to keep my heals up. Arti would also extend my haste/displacement clickys/pots. So I think bard is becoming more redundant as I think of new things to type.
    I'd like to take Rogue, for Evasion, both get haste boost so no big deal, would be a fairly feat starved toon I'd imagine, especially if I wanted to go Kopeshes. Would also help negate some of the AOE damage that comes in from random things, like Firestorm and Cometfall, making it easier to keep myself alive.

    As a double TR, I can open everything on elite, and tend to streak my way to cap. So it needs to be elite viable, at level. I don't do raids or epics, so I am not looking for a toon that's good at 20, but 1-18. I suppose you could say I solo alot, I always open a LFM for whatever I may be farming at the time, and just get started, letting people contribute as they join. So I need to be self sufficient.

    I would like to hear your ideas, opinions and criticisms.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and extra thanks to those who help.

    ~Monolyth of Ghallanda~

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    Now that I've realised I don't mind blowing a Lesser Wood too, I think I'll just go 12/8 WF Sorc/Barb. Max Str/Cha, rest into Con. THF. Then will just swap my levels before TR'ing. Haha.


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