Im currious about this whole stormreach time line compared to baldurs gate. I know the areas arent really connected as stormreach is supose to be a new realm, But i was currious if there was any sort of time frame that i could compare the two together?

Basically as im replaying BG+BGII, as i havent played them in over 7+ years, and im enjoying it greatly and the lore is kinda fresh in my mind so to speak. I also started a new RP group here, i kinda got thinking to use a small village in BG as my home town. (not sure if any of you remember gullykin, the halfling village near firewine) But i thought it would be kinda fun. toss in the random child of baal story, or just make some references to the sword coast.

Basically i sorta left my characters as recently off the boat from some place across the great ocean. And using someplace that sorta exists might just make it easier than pulling everything out of my arse as i go along I mean sure, i could just make it a nameless village, and come up with it all myself, but BG has a soft place in my heart being even to this day the most impactfull computer Dnd game i've ever played in my 30+ years of computer gaming.

So basically, Is there any sort of timeline, or is it just like 1000's of years, or not even in the same realm? Cause honestly even if its not connected, i could do it.. But it would just make it that much more interesting if there was some semblence of making sence to this game/erra.