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    Quote Originally Posted by keveniaftw View Post
    You're wrong... While your overall DPS in the right destiny may be higher, thanks to fury manyshot, and even shiradi manyshot or regular manyshot, your melee DPS won't be close to one of a pure monk. This has several reasons:
    Lack of attack speed vs wind stance IV
    Lack of base damage in: Monk 16, monk 20, feats (maybe), destiny/twists (to keep good ranged DPS)
    Even on favored enemies you won't get close enough. Without deadly weapons my monk has 10[W] base die, with deadly that becomes 11[W], the whole concept of the monkcher is you have nice burst DPS to surpass melee DPS, but you can't get your melee DPS equal to one of a monk...
    that post was a bit outdated, by the way I was comparing a pure monk using earth stance not wind. Everyone knows that wind has better dps but earth comes close due to the better crit multiplier, around 60-80 more hp and more PRR, in terms of survivability is for sure a better choice.

    Now comparing a pure monk with a moncher:
    -both can take gtwf line, power attack, ic:bludg, vorpal strikes, improved martial arts
    -pure monk has up to 10d6 base fists damage, my moncher has 7d6(i know both can be pushed a lil more), that is 3d6 or 10.5 difference in damage
    -moncher has rams might +3 damage/hit so the difference is 7.5
    -favored enemy damage is up to +9 damage

    So I would say, in most of the cases a pure monk has better melee dps but not vs favored enemies.
    On the other hand a pure monk has better TOD dc while a moncher has free haste boost from fighter and +1str avaiable.

    I would not say monchers are behind, but if they are they still close enough for melee to matters.
    I see that everyone around is dropping the gtwf line, stunning fists, vorpal strikes and improved martial arts to get cleave, gc and OC. Well in this case I can say yeah moncher are far behind a pure monk in melee! But since I hit for 120 on a stunned mob and crit for 400-500 with a 9%DS and touch of death I'll keep my moncher as it is : P
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