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    Default Tableleg's bio, full version

    If you ever run with my WF barb Tableleg, you may notice his Bio. The ingame function did not allow for the full story to be copy/pasted, but I didn't want to keep it from you....

    Disclaimer: Any resemblance to large animation company's story is NOT coincidental. No halflings were harmed during the production of this Bio.

    Some people ask Tableleg about this unfortunate name. It all began when he was still a piece of wood. His creator was a poor artificer and his creations were always bought at a very low price by a travelling bard who used them for his entertainment. There was nothing Tablelegs artificer could do against it, because this bard had a real high charisma score, an alignment of Neutral Evil, pretty good luck on loot drops and a high haggle skill. Thus the whole town was in this bard's pocket.

    Since Tableleg's creator was so poor, he needed a piece of wood to start crafting his newest and latest creation. Seeing no option, the artificer took his last table apart and started working on a leg from it (coincidentally, there may be a Tabletop and Tablelegs 2, 3 and 4 running around somewhere). Pretty quickly, Tableleg was created.

    Then came the naming process. All artificers are requested to register their new creations in the Cannith Repository of Unmatched Denominations (whoever came up with that name should be shot). Well, one and one is two and as the artificer's creations were all stolen anyway, he did not bother coming up with one of those creative names like Javelin or Rubicon.

    Coming home however, he found that his newest creation was gone. The strange thing was that Tableleg was not activated yet. As the artificer sat down pulling the last bit of hair out of his scalp, he noticed the tracks of his creation in the sawdust leading away to a window. Next to it were small, unexplainable insectoid tracks.

    To this day, the evil bard still roams free. Tableleg hopes to meet up with him one day so he can free all his constructed brothers and sisters. On a related note: If you see a cricket close by Tableleg, smash it.

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    Well, you retold the story better than Spielberg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilindith View Post
    That's awesome! I'll have to save that for later use.
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