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    Heres what I hate about them.

    - Price. I would not have bought this pack had the pack not been on sale and had I not won 500 tp from the forum. The pack cost me about under 600tp after the contest win and sale which is what it should have been priced at to begin with. Its only a few maps with shifting objectives not really the 20+ quests it claims. Its not worth the listed price, not even the nice items justify the price.

    - Hate the timers. I don't like racing against a timer or being locked into having to set aside a certain amount of time to complete something. You could make the timer count up instead of down with no fail based on the timer. That way people get props for fast times and your not punishing those that have to take a break during the quest.

    - The random crest drops are horrible in the one quest. Some runs you just don't get the crests you need to drop. Either hide every crest needed along the route or just make them all a generic crest. Killing everything you see, breaking every breakable, and finding every crest on the path only to come up 1 scorpion crest short of opening a door after 20 mins in the quest is not fun!

    - The whole pack seams to have been designed strictly to sell store stuff. Buy more time. Buy requisition forms and challenge tokens, use tokens in a machine to get crests and items to complete an objective, items that should have be given along the way. I feel like I'm being charged again to play content I've already bought.

    - Babysitting. I hate escort quests which most of the Vault it. Its not fun when your defending bad AI. The Kobolds are funny to listen too but are a pain to babysit and it is really not fun when they space out and don't move.

    - And Finally, there's no one to play them with. Hardly anyone in my guild has bought the pack and I never see any lfms for it on Orien. No one wants to pay that much for them. Forming a group for them is nearly impossible. Soloing them is monotonous.
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    I'm not fond of the kobold herding. I didn't do it on the Cove and I don't do it on the challenges. Basically, I'm not fond of escort type quests in general, where manipulating the AI properly is the key factor in success.

    On the other hand, I like the Mansion and Kobold Island quests quite a lot. Enough that I'll run them twice as often and just convert my loot into the stuff I need from the mining quests. I like the time pressure, the clear goals, and the ability to decide how to finish the quest (ie take the easy victory of guarding 2 small collectors solo or go for broke trying to get the big ones running and maybe failing, etc).

    The scaling does seem crazy in the mansion, but I haven't done rigorous tests to prove it. It just seems to get harder the more players.

    Probably need more renewable rewards that are actually useful if folk are to run the quest after grabbing the couple big ticket items they value.

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    The challenges are fun, but even so I have not yet attempted all of them.

    The problem for me is that the rewards for the challenge are just more items, featuring yet another crafting/barter system. We have so many ways to get items now that the new ones just kind of get lost in the noise. Not one item from the challenge reward list jumped out at me as something I had to have even if it meant grinding a challenge for two weeks - which, really, it would.

    I am not saying the reward items should be better. I am suggesting that the rewards need to be something different, maybe something that is not an item at all. And preferably something I can't get any other way.

    Then I'd be able to get a challenge group together for more than a lvl12 House C favor run.


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    I find all the challenges, with the exception of kobold islands, soloable (after practice) on a melee (Self healing monk), and all very doable in a group, tho some optionals are questionable to say the least. The lack of a shrine in the extra planar is curious, I think their should maybe be 1, that is in the same room as the dragon (and only appears on its death).

    Mob AI, and getting their aggro away from kobolds/extractors is frustrating, (red named giant (how many hit points?) that appears at the quota in lava caves seems to be the worst, tho the lich in extra planar is a close 2nd), if they can see a kobold they will ignore any player no matter what.

    Some of the kobolds still seem to go on a wander at times, I mean, Ive witnessed some go hiking through the dungeon trying to get home, rather than use the teleporter that was 2 torches back, Or the ones that just get flat out stuck at the bottom of the arena ramp (lava caves) ddoor seems to be the only cure, not good if your on a melee.

    The power ups in-quest that require tokens dont last long enough, your almost garunteed to get quad damage and see no mobs for 61 seconds...For anyone who doesnt own the pack they are trading 1 run for a 1min buff?, at least make it worth it, make it 3mins (thinking extended haste) or more^^, It also gives people who own it/VIPs a lil perk.

    I rather enjoy the challenges, yeah they tend to become a grind after a while, but infinatley less than other epics, and at least if you complete your garunteed something at the end of it. Half of me wishes other epics were dealt with in a similar manner, rather than pure luck. Takes a group anywhere from 6-12+ runs to complete a tier 1 item (sometimes less), yet any other epic item out there could take 2 years...or more if ever.

    The xp and renown elixirs was a nice addition, tho I wish the bulk of the crafted items were more generalised, ie: I can insert a blank <insert weapon> and make it into either : mournlode, calomel, elemental. (My arti would love a heavy repeater of earth for example)

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    Price. The price really cannot be described as anything but laughable. 1500TP.... really?? Sure there's some good loot, but for a casual between-the-quests type of mechanic, this is a lot. Also, the Challenge Tokens. I get 5 every day and I don't even get to run all of those. Why would I buy the pack when I basically have it already for free?

    Scaling and class balance. It's really odd that I can solo something just fine but when a guildy joins me, we wipe. I also find it odd that I can solo some just fine on my melee, and then others are near impossible unless I'm playing my Sorc (anything with my Sorc is easy though...). Cannith Crystals is an absolute joke without a caster. DDoor makes that challenge doable. I tried dozens of times on my melee to, making refinements along the way and each time I got better but without success. The same with Rushmoor's Mansion. Impossible on my melee but with my caster I can do it just fine.

    Rewards. They are out of proportion. Running mansion is HORRIBLE. I spend 45 minutes running around this square mile mansion for 200 ingredients? I get 3x that many running Colossal Crystals with my sorc in 20 minutes! I know the ingredient reward rates have been adjusted in the past, but this needs to be revisited.

    As a final note, I find the challenges frustrating. I don't know exactly why, but they just are. I run them for the ingredients because I want the lootz! but without it, there would be no way I would do them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psiandron View Post
    First off, I love the cove. It's a fun break from questing and there's some great loot to be had. That said, it's not why I play the game. I like running the quests. That's why I'm here. I really don't mind that the challenges exist (excepting that I do find it a bit irritating that so much development time and resources were spent on them when there are longstanding bugs and issues with the core game).
    My opinion exactly. Challenges feel like DDO for people that want to take a break from DDO. I'm weird that way, when I want to take a break from DDO, I just shut it down. I understand how it may make sense financially (although, the price is way too steep), but I'd much rather if resources were spent on making 'standard' DDO content. Challenges feel more like something seasonal.
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    To expound a little here on what I said in the other thread, we've seen two different stated design intents for challenges. In the first they are akin to a 40 yard dash: pretty much anyone can run 40 yards, the "challenge" is in getting the very best time. In the second they are akin to an ultramarathon: the "challenge" is in finishing at all, and requires serious preparation and effort. Is there an overall design intent for challenges? If so, which is it?

    There are also nagging questions that to my knowledge have never been addressed.
    -Are you aware that guild renown doesn't drop in challenge chests?
    -Are you aware that some star objectives are mathematically impossible to obtain?
    -Are you aware that certain challenges have a dramatically worse ingredient/time rate than others?
    And as follow-ups to each: is this intended? If so, why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirgog View Post
    Then, each challenge has a multiplier. Rushmore seems to be 12% of your score. Lava Caves seems to be 61%. Kobold Island might be 13% or so. You then get this number of ingredients (61% of 209 is ~130).
    The last time I measured they were 11% for Rushmore, 75% for Lava Caves, 14% for Kobold Island, and 65% for Extraplanar, in all cases truncating. It is a little odd they truncate because the level penalty/bonus rounds, but they do. This was at least a month ago, so it's conceivable the rate for Lava Caves came down.

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    1) IMO the price is huge minus
    it would be ok to pay that TP for it, if it offers more challenges. then ill be happy.

    for example what if turbine tone down the price ?
    or add other challenges.

    here are some examples of other challenges
    DPS the boss---
    kill harry in 5 mins, with a DPS meter included ( you guys can +1 me later)

    Last man standing
    included stances for only mele/divine/arcane

    player skill test[/LIST]

    2) tbh i got bored after few runs. my melee, feels like a bag.. he cant solo well

    3) i dont like that much the rewards..

    4) i do like the bta

    5) love ya all thats all i got
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    I'm just starting to get into the challenges. So far I've found them pretty fun but it's difficult to pick up what to do and the best way to do it in a group when you don't even have time to read the "what to do" part.

    Perhaps have a tutorial for the first time you're in the challenge that you can turn off if you like?

    Challenges seem fun so far, I've managed to collect tokens on one character that I want to unlock Artificer on, I'm really happy that I can access the challenges and the class as a freemium player (potentially, still 43 favour to go but no epic challenges done yet bar 1).

    The amount of space that tokens take up is probably my biggest complaint so far, I think there is a token bag but if it costs TP then it isn't for me, maybe make it possible to get bags some other way? Planar Shards turn in perhaps?

    It's really difficult to find the token that I want for a particular one in my bank. Will it be possible soon to view the bank in a list with titles rather than waiting for tooltips to appear above tokens (which sometimes doesn't even work due to bugginess).

    Access to House C is a limiting factor. I want to get ship buffs but it is such a pain to get to the ship. I want to run consequetive challenges but inventory is quickly overflowing with chests which often give +2 arrows, resist fire pots and other junk (even on level 20).

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    I've only run three of the challenges so far so my opinion may be watered down:

    1. Rushmore: you either need to drop more crests, require less crests or scale the mansion down by 1/3rd

    2.the one that you kill the kobolds for parts-personally i think the mobs respawn too quickly .

    3.lava caves- multi-floor maps and kobolds do not mix.

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    They definitely favor the zerg style play until you work out a system.

    Things I'd like to see based on existing challenges:

    Rushmore : A shortcut exit. When I've collected all 5 stars and have 20 or so minutes to burn, at least provide an auto finish if I return to the starting gate.

    Kolbold Island : Scaling on mob zerging makes these quests more profitable at min level as at higher levels, reasonably geared characters fair worse than a comparable min level char. Plus must have a full set of characters to really complete due to the need of being in 6 places at once.

    Extraplanar/Lava Caves : Smatter rest shrines periodically. Something I thin Lava caves does better than extraplanar minds.

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    I actually really like the challenges and the loot they offer which is incredibly powerful, but I find the lack of players or LFMs for it frustrating. Whenever one goes up, it's rarely the one you want, which is why even if you create it it takes forever to fill. The current endgame environment means that casters, like the cove, are far superior to all others for almost every run.

    I have several suggestions which should drastically improve convenience of the challenges without an unbalancing effect, I think.

    Earned powerups as opposed to DDO store are handy but having them be
    any or all of
    a) BTA
    b) more universally applicable (i.e. a general requisition form for anyone thing, a kobold powerup gem that could select from any one of the temporary powerup options)
    c) for the love of god, please let them stack.

    Would make a big difference in whether I would actually carry them around in my inventory or not- it's awful to have 3 or 4 kobold disguise gems taking up a slot each.

    SImilarly, please let tokens, universal or otherwise, fit into collectable or ingredient bags. I have 12 slots of my inventory occupied on all of my toons right now.

    Something I think would be really simple and helpful would be if the token NPC described the challenge of the day and let you choose whether to accept the tokens on that character or not, so the first-time bonus tokens could be distributed to the desired toons without needing to log onto different servers or different accounts.

    I think perhaps having a 'daily featured challenge' matching the free daily token challenge, where you get bonus time and/or xp ingredients and/or points and/or ingredients would help funnel the portion of the population interested in the challenge towards one challenge at a time, which would hopefully help build up both some of the time pressure and the critical mass that made cove a popular 'pick up and play' option.

    Both disruptor and extraction challenges are nigh impossible to six star within the given time period without heavy, which is very frustrating. We ran into a 6 turret limit last time we tried disruptor, so it seems it requires requisitions forms, and while I understand that you'd like to drive ddo store traffic, having goals that either spending points or require extraordinary amount of luck- people to earn and hold onto turret requisitions until they can gather 4 on the specific character classes needed for the run, which of course limits what classes can earn the favor in the first place.

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    I had an idea. I don't know if it would end up being awesome or not, but I figure I can lay it out and see what happens. What if challenges were tailored to each class?

    Normally in quests, a casual group will want a balanced party. Caster, Dps, specialist. Little serving of each. I thought to myself "Since challenges are trying to break the mold on quests, why not go a little further?" Suppose we had a set of twelve challenges, each tailored to a specific class. Only that class was allowed entry. (In the case of multiclasses, whichever class happens to be your party icon) I figured this would give more opportunity for different builds in the same class to gain the spotlight.

    For example:

    Barbarian Challenge
    Mobs spawn from portals. Defend the important thingy.
    Some portals spawn mobs with craploads of hp, and lots of them. They favour surround tactics. However, when they die, everyone within x number of metres gain the effect of a heal spell (think the mindbubbles popping in In the Flesh) Perfect for all DPS Frenzied Berserkers. They can go ahead and hurt themselves as much as they want, as the more DPS they have, the more healing they get (the surround tactics being for the cleave line). As time goes on, the mobs get more and more hp (or do more damage, or something) so that the frenzied berserkers, if their DPS wasn't high enough, would start to lose hp. (With the massive amounts of hp a barbarian has, this could be a steady decline like +150hp/xseconds but -165hp/x seconds)

    To make things more interesting, casters spawn to ruin the FB's day! Bring on the Occult Slayers!

    And so on and so forth.

    For sorcerers, you could have a part where while some nuke, you would need another to earthgrab something that moves fast to temporarily stop it, so an air sorc could abundant step to it to get across a chasm.

    Or something.

    What do you guys think? Would it make challenges more interesting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinerd View Post
    The last time I measured they were 11% for Rushmore, 75% for Lava Caves, 14% for Kobold Island, and 65% for Extraplanar, in all cases truncating. It is a little odd they truncate because the level penalty/bonus rounds, but they do. This was at least a month ago, so it's conceivable the rate for Lava Caves came down.
    A couple of the epic ones pay out at 100% Buying time and colossal crystals. Buying time is so fast 8 min for ~300 that it is much easier/faster to get the wings from here and trade them for goblets than it is to run rushmore.

    Sad because I find rushmore to be extremely fun but to get a high enough score to really start to get a good return for items per run you have to spend a pretty large amount of time. I generally run the smiling sam/the succubus/ and the spider at lev 23 for loots too and it basically becomes a 20+ min run for 250-300 goblets. I can get 900 wings in this time (450 goblets.)

    I'd really love to see some balancing out here and make the 20+ minute runs as profitable on a per time basis as the 5-10 minute runs.

    I grow pretty sick of torch runs but others are too long in their runs (rushmores) or not long enough to accomplish star objectives (kobold island). Neither of these approach a per time item bonus to really make it worthwhile to run them over a torch relay run and swapping ingredients.
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    call me old fashioned but I prefer the 'will I get it, will I not' approach of % based drop rates on completed items rather than knowing I MUST do 10 runs of this to get the item. I know its odd but I am more likely to run it 50 times if I have a chance to get the item EVERY run, even the first. I like the mystery rather than the, 'I am going to run this xx times and I will do it here, here and here then I wont run it again as there is nothing left from it for me'.

    and the price was too high, considering what it is, I would expect to pay 1500 for a 4 quest, 1 raid, 1 explorer area pack not for challenges.

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    I have yet to try any challenges; the cost is prohibitive.

    I am collecting the daily tokens, when I remember to do so, so I'm sure I'll spend an upcoming weekend doing them, but that's about all the interest they hold for me.

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    I don't have the pack yet. I feel it is a bit too pricy.

    I do like how you give out free daily tokens to run these. I think that number is fair, especially since they are free.

    I did check out one of the quests. There is just soooo much to do that I think I'm going to put off these quests a bit to get other gear on the character I want stuff.

    The quest I did check out, was like Crystal Cove. I did like that event but I would have liked that as a event that came around like the Jester. I kind of wonder why you didn't include Crystal Cove in the pack anyway, you might as well.

    It is something different to play. While I do like what I ran, I don't want to run this type of stuff all the time.
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    I love the challenges, but I agree there's a lot of room for improvement.

    I read many good suggestions so far, but here are some of my own:

    • I have about 46 favor from getting stars in challenges with my level 20. I set the goal for myself to try and get the first 50 favor from them - as I do not own the other Cannith content - and I feel like 1 favor per star is too low. If it were even just 2 favor per star, gaining them would feel much more worthwhile. Alternately, if you could select or have a randomized list of new star objectives for some challenges, that would increase replayability, in my opinion. (Example: Let's say I've gotten all 5 stars on Rushmore's Mansion: Picture Portals, next time I enter, I get the option of selecting newly unlocked star objectives, which could be harder or simply different than the previous 4 optionals - main goal will remain the same. Maybe these new stars are worth 2 favor each.)
    • Inventory space is a major hassle in some challenges. Because you need to have a clear space for teleporters, cannon construction kits, torches, 8+ different kinds of crests - and also largely because your inventory is constantly taking on more and more supply chests that don't stack - having 1 or 2 blank spaces free is almost a non-starter. In Rushmore, I try to have at least 8 spaces free, and that just sucks to clear out. It might be nice if there were some sort of "challenge space" for challenge-only items like torches, or else some kinds of challenge bags, although having yet another kind of bag would make me die a little inside, I think. Anyway, lack of inventory space. Major hassle. Point made, I hope.
    • The ingredients and equipment you can buy with them are a great carrot. Even if I've done a challenge many times and don't "need" the ingredients from it (right now), I still am quite willing to run it with a group for others who might need it not only because I like the challenges, but also because you can readily convert them and trade them between characters on your account. Nice job with these! For those who don't see any reason to gain ingredients after you have what you want, aside from epic tokens, there are XP potions. (Lower % than others and shorter duration, I know, but still pretty cool.)
    • More variety amongst the challenges would be great! I mean both within the same map and between challenges. Or, wildly different goals on the same map for different levels could be very fun. (Example: What if, on one version of lava caves or extra-planar mining, the PCs were trying to STOP the kobolds (who had all the super-speed and stoneskin buffs, etc. That would be a neat twist on the same dungeon. Especially if the NPCs like the rakshasa, etc. were still trying to kill you or accomplish some other goal themselves. Maybe you'd get optionals for fewer crystals collected, and ultimately try to kill off all the teleporting, stealthy, super-speeded, displaced kobolds. Or even just screwing up their torch lines and sending them off a cliff or into the dragon's lair.)
    • Might be fun to have a couple even shorter ones - 5 minute timers with no need/ability to extend time.
    • In general, I like the way the timers work in all challenges now. However, I'd like it if the random extended-time buffs I've seen only rarely were more common in some challenges (I've only seen it in Rushmore, whereas, it might be nice to have this on Kobold Island.). Furthermore, other ways to extend time by one or two minutes here and there would be fun. (Example: New, rare, yellow crystals for kobolds to gather that did nothing for crystal count, but added between 15 seconds and 1 minute to the timer - depending on whether they were just kinda rare, or really, really rare. Heck, you could even have evil, time-draining crystals that might entice naive kobolds that you'd have to avoid. That'd be pretty darn evil, though.)
    • Just a note on difficulty: With my (admittedly, non-optimized) level 20, I can solo Epic Extra-planar Mining: Buying Time at level 21, even though I die a lot, and usually end up dead or continually re-using the center resurrection shrine by the end. And I can usually do this while getting about 3 stars. Conversely, I can't do Kobold Chaos anywhere near level, solo. With a hireling and his high-level summons for guard duty, I can eek out a completion (1 or 2 stars, rarely 3) at ~6 levels lower (if I'm lucky). Certainly at 10 levels lower. Either way, the scores you get when you're that far below level are abysmal and the ingredient rewards are almost non-existent. It was fun to try these (Kobold Island challenges) solo at first, but it is not fun to play them solo now. Similarly oddly, I have found it much easier to solo Colossal Crystals with a level 12 character than to do it with a group at that level, or any higher level group, either. This might be due to scaling of the NPCs when more PCs are in the party. It seems a little over-balanced, I guess. I'm not saying they were in any way designed to be done solo, but the soloing difficulty difference between challenges that I point out may be interesting for some to think about.
    • Two-way teleporters are fun. More challenges involving them would be fun.
    • The price of the pack was too high. I only bought it after it went on sale for 30% off, and still thought that that was a little too high. Future add-ons to challenges should be priced lower. 100-150 TP per kind of challenge would make sense to me. So, for example, if you come out with 2 new kinds of challenges (with 3 variations on each, and 2 epics for each), 200-300 TP for that add-on would be reasonable. 1200 would not. See what I'm getting at?
    • I thought of this during Crystal Cove, but here goes: Please start selling taskmaster whips in the DDO store that are only usable in challenges. Different colored whip could do different things, but the main idea is that you target a kobold and activate the whip, and all it does is MAKE the KOBOLD TURN AROUND (180 degrees). These could be one-shot items or multi-use. A pink one could maybe make the kobolds jump a certain height. A blue one might tell the kobold to skip the next torch and continue on in the same direction they're facing for a few seconds. Endless possibilities here.

    In general, good, well-thought-out work on the challenges. Thanks for the ability to be a part of the discussion.

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    Okay so I have tried nearly all of the challenges on my Lvl 18 Warchanter. I have only done them solo, and have probably failed them more than I've succeeded. I have run Rushmore Mansion more than the others, with Kobold Chaos not far behind. The crystal collection ones leave me dumbfounded and frustrated, since I missed out on the whole Crystal Cove mania and torches just confuse me (a couple of times I have somehow gotten the needed number of crystals, but I'm more likely to get a star from stupid counterintuitive stuff like "Let the Foreman die"). Also, the maps in the torch quests are ridiculously unhelpful. Although I have collected some number of ingredients by now, I have not really even looked at the loot turn-ins and have been mostly focusing on just trying out different Challenges to see if I can do them. As a level 18 character I have mostly been trying the challenges in the level 15 (e.g., Behind the Door) to level 18 (Moving Targets) range. It has occurred to me, though, that I should perhaps try some of them on a ridiculously low level -- e.g., Behind the Door at Level 4 (maybe those air elementals won't be so frustrating), for favor if nothing else. Does that even work? I'd still fail to find the crests I need, though, I'm sure.

    With all of that as background, my feelings about the Challenges are decidedly mixed. First of all, although I did buy the Vault pack, it was waaaay too expensive for what you got, and I would certainly not recommend buying it to anyone else -- at least not at that price.

    Another negative is the confusing reward system. I can kind of see what the Devs were trying to go for, in that they created these Challenges such that you could either a) try to run them for favor or b) try to run them for ingredients, but not necessarily both (plus, there's c) run them for experience). The points themselves are not transparent -- for the longest time I had no idea what that little number next to the stars was supposed to represent or how it related to the seemingly paltry number of ingredients that I seemed to get most runs. That is, when I got any at all -- failing the primary objective means you get nothing and it was all a waste of time. Then, there is the endless variety of ingredients -- is all of that really necessary? And the daily tokens -- while a nice thought -- just end up accumulating in my inventory since I never seem to have the tokens for what I'm running.

    Related to the tokens: speaking specifically about Rushmore, the powerups that appear with the token turn-ins or out of boxes/barrels seem incredibly pointless. Okay, so I can intimidate the next guy to jump out of a picture. or jump really high for the next minute even though I am nowhere near anyplace that would be useful. Or I'm invisible for a minute. Big whoop. The only one I get excited about is quad damage, and that's only because it allows me to kill the next two invisible guys a bit faster. I'd like to be able to pop a powerup when it is going to do some real good. (They are also oddly distributed. I get tons from breaking things in the early rooms but close to none anywhere late in the mansion, which is where I really need them, if I get that far).

    Since I am pretty much exclusively soloing these days, the Challenges represent an easy thing for me to jump into and try. I like that, and I like that they are right there in House C and don't require traipsing across an explorer zone. However -- and I would really hope to see some Dev clarification on this -- it is still not clear to me what the gameplay intentions were, from the perspective of whether they are actually supposed to be solo-friendly or not. The torch-running ones -- and to some extent the kobold island ones -- seem decidedly *not* solo-friendly (or at least I haven't hit upon the strategy that would make them so). And, I think one's view of Rushmore as solo-friendly or not depends on how one defines a "completion." Getting one star and some ingredients is doable solo, certainly (depending on one's luck with crests). Getting multiple stars -- and especially objectives like killing all of the bosses (especially given that there are several with insta-spawning elementals -- really, you had to go to that well more than once?) or activating all the portraits -- seems highly solo-unfriendly. Of course, there are some players (and some classes) that have no problem doing this -- just like there are some players that can solo epic quests. I'm not one of those players, however, which means that the Challenges often leave me frustrated. I won't ever get Cannith favor, it feels like.

    Finally, I strongly dislike the fact that ALL of the present Challenges involve time-limits. While having a timed challenge in some cases is perfectly fine, I certainly hope that in dreaming up future Challenges (and somehow, I think that we'll be seeing more of these) that the developers come up with alternative designs that do not involve time. I've been playing lots of LOTRO, and the nearest analogy is skirmishes -- which are repeatable but still challenging based on the difficulty of the enemies that you have to fight to win -- and best of all, they are all untimed (in the sense that there is not a timer to beat, as in DDO. The defensive skirmishes are still timed in that the incoming waves of enemies appear at set intervals). Something like that could be a nice alternative. You could even still premise ingredient rewards on speed of completion, but someone (like me) could still take forever and actually complete!

    In sum, I *want* to like the Challenges, and although I've been trying them a lot recently, I have to say that I really don't like them much. Yet I keep banging my head against them, although I'm not sure why. They certainly feel different from the rest of DDO, and I'm not sure that is a good thing. I agree wholeheartedly with others who have stated that these should have come out as "add-ons" to standard quest packs rather than forming an entire quest pack all by themselves. So, bravo for thinking outside the box, but I'm hoping the feedback in this thread prompts some rethinking of what these are supposed to be.
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