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    So, I'm thinking about finally biting the bullet and getting this life over and done with... could someone post a sample build for me, because I really have no clue when it comes to rangers (although, this guy is essentially going to be a monk with lots of ranger levels ).

    - 36 pt build, using wraps.
    - Past lives: wizard, bard, monk
    - Preference: WF 11 ranger/9 monk (improved evasion/touch of death/shadow fade/free twf line ftw!)

    My main concerns are:
    - Starting stats
    - Which class to take at which level
    - How to spend AP

    Any advice would be gratefully received
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogdor View Post
    I'm looking for a 36pt ranger build with a heavy monk splash so that I can use wraps efficiently instead of two weapons. The reason for this is that it will be a part of my completionis project and my bank/inventory is already full of caster gear, thf weapons and wraps, so I'm just looking to get the ranger past life somewhere along the line.

    It's not a build that I'll be doing immediately, as I'll probably try to get monk/fighter/barbarian and pally past lives first (along with the first two lives of wizard and bard).

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    I have a first lifer 13Ranger/6Monk/1Rogue

    Used to be a beast with rapiers but with the past nerf to ranger and the banisher/smiter/disruptors/vorpals has fallen into a support capacity. Still a decent self sufficient soloable build with great ac.. just takes longer...

    Self buffing/healing and great AC (selfbuff to 95), decent dps with lightning strikers still working on those midnight greetings. Still lightside monk for buffs and usually end up using kama's for increased speed and staying centered. No hate, so holding aggro has been an issue for me especially with all the stalwart fighters

    Handwraps are considered single weapon so you lose the AC ranger perks from Tempest path.
    ~Offhand Proc's and doublestrikes are supposed to still work although your icon doesnt show it.~

    13 ranger gives the extra favored enemy enhancements.
    7Monk for meditation was meh since ranger can already heal.
    2nd rogue is not needed already have evasion and plenty of skill points from monk and ranger.

    I would look at..
    12Ranger/5Rogue/3Monk (Healing Curse/anti-stun).
    12Ranger/7Monk/1Rogue with Helf rogue dilante. (Helf is pretty nice on any combination if you have access.)
    There are lots of variables out there..
    I still prefer the Helf AA for a ranger.. hard to beat burst damage from slaying manyshot arrows vs my gimpier tempest.
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    and several once viable raiding alts dumped into the packmule stables..

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    12rgr/7rogue/1mnk will far out dps the 6/7mnk splashes (besides against undead but when youre farming WK and orchard you probably wont have many mnk lvls anyhow) 6/7 mnk doesnt do much for you since youre probably front loading ranger and getting monk lvls later. so wholeness of body or that third martial arts feat wont have much impact. nor does the die step increases. not to mention you're already swimming in feats. or if you wanted a bit of free cheap healing you could do 3mnk asap for FoL and 5 rogue later. the tier 1 prestiges of both monk and rogue are going to come so late it wont matter much. although shadow fade is pretty good... anyway you do it ranger is probably going to come earlier and you're basically a low base damage monk (although with potential to do a ton of dps with 12/7rog/1mnk, bursting rings, and tempest II) except against FEs but you've got a few extra tricks and utility spells.

    edit* to clear up any misinformation in this thread...there has been sufficient testing provided on the forums that tempest offhand bonuses DO work with unarmed. the symbol just doesnt show up and you dont get the shield AC bonus. but you could always umd shield wands for that.
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