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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilnedric View Post
    I would add Insightful Reflexes.
    In the spirit of why you had Heighten, you could consider Spell Focus Evocation.

    I dont think Mental Toughness or Improved Mental Toughness are needed, but they're not bad.
    You alread have Rapid Reload for free.
    Shot on the Run has too many pre-reqs.
    Toughness never hurts.
    This. And I'll add that I'm surprised to be only the second person mentioning Spell Focus: Evocation in this thread. Most of the artificer spells with DCs are Evocation and ignore spell resistance (including Tactical Detonation and Blade Barrier). Evocation DCs seem like the logical thing to work on if casting is your main priority.

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    I would swap Insightful reflexes for Quickdraw personally.

    Insightful is nice on a High INT, Low DEX build. An Arty should be shooting for High stats in both.

    Quickdraw allows faster swapping between weapon sets, rune arms, scrolls, wands, clickies, etc.
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