I have ran through the Marketplace several times over the past few weeks and have noticed a very odd thing. There is an Iron Defender sitting all alone above Raef Larksong. His name is Niflheim and he seems to be missing a master as he has no (Pet of _____) under his name. Now I understand some of my Artificer colleagues have taken that awful "Uncaring Master" enhancement, but as a player of DDo and a simple contribution of 1 cp you can stop this from happening! You can help poor forgotten Iron Defenders like Niflheim find new and loving homes. Niflheim, who is now in the care of Giriko and I, is waiting for your care in the Marketplace. Please, think of the defenders.

~Axels of the Forge

(BTW, I am not trying to get CP's, I just thought this would be a fun little thread, as I have seen this Iron Defender around and thought it rather odd)