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    I was running Picture Portals one day, and was having a grand ol' time smashing a bunch of crates and stuff in one of the side rooms. In quick succession, three buffs popped up: Quad Damage, Speed Boost, and Invulnerability. Needless to say, for the next minute, I was a God (especially since I was on a monk, who moves insanely fast with Speed Boost).

    It got me to thinking, "There should be a challenge in which we get these buffs at all times!"

    Talked it over with a guildy who plays arcanes most of the time, and he liked the idea, but wanted another buff, too. One that doesn't exist. Unlimited SP.

    It could be something as simple as "Inexhaustible: while you have this buff, you regain 500 SP every 2 seconds, regain a charge on all special abilities and items every 2 seconds, and have your passive ki generation increased by 500." Basically, it would allow casters to never run out of SP or spell clickies, melees to never run out of Action Boosts and rages, and monks to never run out of ki.

    Maybe each map could get a new challenge. In the challenge, all players get Quad Damage, Speed Boost, Invulnerability, and Inexhaustible. So, no risk of dying, and mobs die super fast. To stay on theme of being on Godmode, there's also no time limit for this challenge. Instead, this challenge would be more like a time trial. You'd have an objective, and as soon as you completed the objective, you end the challenge and get your rewards.

    Stars would be easy, too: 1 star for completing the objective, 1 star for completing the objective under a difficult target time, and then 3 other optional objectives. So, in order to gold star the Challenge, you would have to be able to beat all the optionals, then the primary objective, all under the target time (because the challenge ends as soon as you complete the primary objective).

    Since ingredients are based off points, the majority of earned points would be rewarded at the end, when you complete the objective, based on your completion time. The faster the time, the more points you get. Also, completing optionals could add some buko points, too.

    Possible challenges could be a hunter-killer type thing, where you need to find a red-named mob and kill him. Other kills could add to your score, and be worth optionals, including Lieutenants spread throughout the map (basically, a time trial Rushmore's Mansion where the Dr. is your primary target, and the other bosses are optional); a basic footrace, where you are trying to get to a specific point as fast as you can, but lots of mobs would be in the way to slow you down, and optionals could be kill counts or checkpoints in out of the way locales (I think this would work best in the Lava Caves); a (s)laughter fest, where massive amounts of mobs spawn, and continually respawn, and the objective is to hit a certain kill count, and optionals could be out of the way check points or boss mobs that distract you from murdering a horde of wimpy mobs (kobolds preferred)--this one could even be a 'classic' style challenge, where you only have a set amount of time to get a certain score, instead of a time-trial thing (I think this would work best on Kobold Island, and we're just slaughtering hordes of the little guys); and one could not only be a cool challenge, but a tool--the Shade DPS challenge.

    The Shade DPS challenge would just be a single foe that doesn't move or fight, has a massive amount of hp, and the challenge is only how fast we could kill him. Maybe, in this one, no buffs, but maybe keep them, depending on the optionals. This one seems like it would be best in Extraplanar Mining, where we fight the Uber-Kobold in the center, but maybe there's optional mobs that we would have to run down and kill in the far hallways. There could even be optionals worth tons of bonus points that would require skills other than dps: a wounded npc with super high amount of hp that needs to be healed to full; an upset crowd of kobolds that needs to be entertained, whether it's by a successful number of Diplomacy uses (combat uses, not conversation uses, so a d20 roll is used), Intimidate uses, or Bard Song-Fascinate uses; an npc that can be used to help dps the Uber-Kobold, but only if he gets a specific number of buffs from a specific list (like 5 buffs from a list of 15 or 20 buffs, which would include a smattering of bard-specific, divine-specific, and arcane-specific buffs); a lever that needs to be pulled at the end of a corridor lined with traps...and the level is locked until all the traps are disarmed!

    Basically, you could either go for your best time and bring a party of only max-dps toons, or you could try and gold star it, but you're going to need a balanced party to do all the optionals and still be able to beat down the Uber-Kobold under the target time.

    Just some ideas that popped into my head while I was thinking about how much I like Quad Damage and Speed Boost.

    EDIT: As for the ingredients given, I was thinking maybe it gives you a new ingredient that's not part of any item recipe, but trades 1:1 (or 100:100) with any of the ingredients from its map (so the Godmode Challenge in the Lava Caves would give you an ingredient that's only use is to trade for Magma Shards, Jade Scorpions, or...whatever the third ingredient there is). Or it could give a split of all ingredients that map could yield for the level at which it's run. Or it could just give an existing ingredient...(lame)
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    I like this idea. I like the idea of having an objective for ingredients rather than a time limit. And who wouldn't LOVE being in God mode?! I think it should be in an arena-type setting.

    Alternatively, you could do a survival mode. Start with mobs -3CR. Each wave increases the CR by 1. There will be 3 waves, then a boss, and then a rest shrine. Completing certain objectives gain you boosts and bonuses (needing to snipe a mob out of the air, having to destroy X amount of crates before the next wave comes etc). You go until you die. This is something I would fully support and love. Of course, casters would rule the arena... but hey, we're all used to that by now.
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