+1; an excellent observation and one that has been understated in conversations about the new Shroud.

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My argument for leaving it as was on all difficulties but with the increased loot returns is that the shroud really isn't supposed to be fun for players like you and me anymore. We should be playing the shiny new super hard content, and the only reason we're running shrouds is to reslot an item we've replaced with an Epic item, or kit out a new character we're leveling. Leaving the difficulty alone but increasing loot means you spend less time in there at all... you pug out elites get faster returns and get back to the fun content. It also means first character first lifers and casual gamers can acquire greensteel quicker by learning (and enjoying) the shroud as is with better returns. It helps them catch up, essentially, getting more people to the newer end game, which provides impetus to the devs to continue focusing on new more challenging end game content.