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    Default Aussie / Far East Static Group


    I am looking to start or join a static group in the asian pacific time zone. I am in Japan Standard Time (+9 GMT).

    If I start one, here is what I would be looking for:

    1 evasion / stealth
    1 tank
    1 arcane
    1 trapper (possibly another for back up)
    1-2 healers (main and back up in case the main one can't play)
    anything else


    No tweaking
    No auction house
    Quests on hard or elite at level or under. Repeats have to be on elite, and can only be done once to get gear.
    Cannot use the first shrine
    No duplicate races (might make it interesting)

    Server, time, rules, party composition are all open for negotiation.

    Anyone interested?
    Jyn... Kender... Thelanis

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    I'm possibly interested. I'm in the right timezone - JST (GMT+9)

    I only play on Thelanis, and you don't mention what server you want to play on. Rules would need to be negotiable. I can't open on hard, unless I've already done said quest. I find no first shrine, no auction house a bit too restrictive. I also like to repeat quests - both for favour and because it's a nice way to outfit myself with gear "cheaply". I don't understand what you mean by no tweaking. New characters ? Existing ?

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    I'm in the +8 GMT time zone - so should be available. However I might be doing some travelling around for a few months. So my timezones might get shifted around, lol.

    Don't mind starting on new servers, and is VIP.

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