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Yes. The difference between first lifers and everyone else in the game is a massive massive gulf.

That being said, I have found it to be very reasonable to find absolutely random groups, even if I drag feet and/or suck.

That also being said, nothing drives me more insane than not being able to do traps as my fairly well geared rogue on anything but normal (or in some dungeons, hard). Meanwhile, people lower level or same level can trap the same dungeon. :|

TRAPS. I HATE THEM. My solution? Play a pure monk. evade evade evade.
Sounds like either a gear or build problem on your rogue man, I haven't done a lot of rogue lives but I have done arti. Why don't you post your build up and your gear layout and people can help you sort out what you need.

Not in this thread in a new one.