After 2 waves of trash in the end fight of the Master Artificer raid, the party will be faced with a sort of puzzle. Toven will electrify certain areas of the floor until 4 crystals are destroyed. While it is certainly possible to heal through the electric fields, especially on normal and hard, doing so on epic can still result in deaths and will seriously drain spell points despite the refueling of the crystals. The fields do a high amount of electric damage and do so at a dangerously fast pace. Anyone separated from the group that doesn’t know what is going on will surely die. There is however a simpler and less dangerous method.

Instead of burning through valuable spell points spam healing you can approach this in a manner that uses very few spell points and is low risk. Toven will tell you which squares of the floor he will electrify. We can then stand in safe areas of the floor and avoid the electric damage. While it may seem like a more complicated way to deal with the puzzle, with a little explanation and practice it is relatively simple and a better method for higher difficulties.

The goal of this phase of the raid is to destroy 4 crystals. They are located on bright blue circular pads in the NE, NW, SE and SW areas of the room. As you hit the crystals they will give out spell points refilling most spell casters bars – assuming they aren’t spam healing.

The important thing to realize with this method of actually moving around the floor to avoid the electric floor is to minimize the distance travelled between field patterns. There will be brief pauses between each pattern of fields, but it will only be brief. It is also going to take longer because we cannot always be beating on a crystal. In fact while the electric fields are changing we will be almost completely ignoring the crystals. Not only are they too far inside the fields, but they typically cause intense graphics lag drastically reducing reaction times.

Above Tovens head is a 3x5 grid of crystals. This is how he will indicate which areas of the floor will be hit by electric fields. The crystals will light up in a variety of patterns that will indicate which areas of the floor will be electrified. The trick here is knowing the patterns (although you can just watch and get the pattern each time) and which area of the floor the crystals correspond too. We will cover the latter first.

In addition to the 4 blue circular platforms that are the location of the crystals, there are 2 rows of 4 blue circular platforms running north to south. These 8 platforms mark the intersections of the floor areas creating the same 3x5 grid of the crystals. If you have run this raid before you will recognize these pads as the location of the magefire cannons in the next phase. As you look at Toven (Toven is located due east) and the crystal grid they correspond to the square floor areas in the same orientation – that is the upper left crystal corresponds to the NE corner of the room (the NE corner is in front of you to the left) and the bottom right crystal corresponds to the SW corner (behind you and to the right). The end columns are the North and South walls and are in fact quite a bit smaller than the other 3 columns. The top row is the east wall and the bottom row is the west wall which is where you came in.

The crystals will light up in a series of sequences indicating the next several series of electric fields. At first this can seem rather daunting – crystals flashing at you quickly and in a confusing manner. However, with study you will realize that there are only 3 patterns with only a few variations between them. I will be calling these patterns: North/South, Columns, and Corners which will also indicate how the fields move.

To start, assign 1 person to be your caller. This should be someone who is familiar with the patterns and can quickly recognize them and direct the party. After each sequence of electric fields the DM will alert you with DM text that the next sequence is about to be displayed. At this point they should go to the center of the room to get the next sequence.