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    ( I apologize, I ended up unable to be home yesterday due to an accident, I am fine now but did not remember about the group til 2 am when I got home, I will be there next sunday one way or another if I have to take my laptop to the hospital( done it before heh) )
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    Is that a trick question? A nuker should heighten, empower and maximise flushing the toilet
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    It will do damage like taking a point-blank meteor swarm in the crotch. You hear me people, stop encouraging Turbine to meteor swarm crotches!

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    Stumpfoot looks around the bar. It seems the party he was wating for never showed up. Slowly he pulls a wrinkled and tattered note from his dirty chainmail. He slowly shakes his head as he tears the note into tiny pieces and flips them onto the floor. Rising from his chair he trods on the torn pieces as he walks to the exit of the tavern and leaves never to return.

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