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Thread: Sarlona Pugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarisa View Post
    Given the sheer amount of Warforged Barbs with eSoS's, Red Scale, and 0 heal amp (not even HF1) I've seen lately in eVoN6/eDQ's lately...
    When referring to Chinese anything "the sheer amount" is something to keep into perspective. Considering that 1/3rd of Earths Population resides in that country. (It is 1/4rd IIRC...?)

    My post and the one prior that I referred to are about quality....not quantity.

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    Default pugs..

    I've not had horrible ones as of late, some fill up really fast before I can click to join, or hop on the toon I want to run it with, and poof, they're all full.

    Sometimes it is just a roll of the dice for a bad group, often due to someone in a cranky mood.. I do notice some newbies are afraid to say it is their first run in that particular quest as they feel intimidated by the leader.. I'll pick up on it, then I privately message them what to do or expect.

    The greatest ones I've been in, hardly anyone spoke, things run smooth, bada bing.. all done, everyone happy..
    others, a fun lot..

    ( just surfing the forums till my hands thaw out, got some frostbite... dang.. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by IntrepidBear View Post
    The greatest ones I've been in, hardly anyone spoke, things run smooth, bada bing.. all done, everyone happy..
    others, a fun lot..

    True that, I would add it gets better if the group stick together to run a whole chain or stick together for a few hours. I've been in a few pug during xmas break and even with the horrible one I was in, most of them are enjoyable and very profitable..
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