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Thread: FvS Equipement

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    Epic robe of dissonance's force boost unfortunately doesn't work with BB. WAI or not, I don't know.
    I'm just using it because before I got bracers, it was my perma sup pot 6 item, perma greater sonic resist (fire+elec ship buffs and I have all 5 resists covered even before entering quests), that I slotted with heavy fort (can't really afford removing that can I ?).

    I'm eyeing the epic demon scale armor, but I'm not close to making it, and it wouldn't improve the build by much... I'll get it eventually, even if eDQ2 isn't my favorite since she cometfalls.

    For the alchemical, I really think flamtouched iron mystical anything/martial water is the way to go. You can get superior *everything* lore by using Rahkir's set + greater arcane lore item (be it skiver, greenblade, noxious fang...), and clickies going up to lvl 8 spells will cover all your needs (except for mass heal which is covered by the flameouched iron shield...)
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    For my caster-based fvs, I am gearing her as follows (Begonia, although her myDDO is broken. She's currently going through a string of TRs with final life back as fvs):

    Helm - epic Helm of Frost
    Goggles - conc opp HP greensteel
    Necklace - epic Torc
    (swappable with necklace of large guild augment slot with large sp crystal for start of quest/resting)
    Cloak - epic Envenomed Cloak (toughness)
    Belt - triple air SP greensteel +cha skills
    Bracers - epic Scorched Bracers
    (swappable with Bracers of the Glacier for archmagi for start of quest/resting)
    Gloves - epic Charged Gauntlets
    Ring - Kilau's (exc wis 2)
    (swappable with ring of balance +13 large guild augment slot with large hp crystal, epic Ring of the Buccaneer)
    Ring - Oremi's (exc con 2)
    Trinket - Litany of the Dead
    (swappable with absorp trinkets, greater cunning trinket for start of quest/resting)
    Armor - Tier 3 epic Cavalry Plate (heavy fort)
    (epic slots filled with +6 stats, +1 exc stats, and useful affects like good luck where needed/able)

    (5-piece abishai gets +3 profane str (boosts stat but if encumberance goes away not such a big deal), +3 clvl evocation spells, +3 profane con, +3 conjuration DC)

    Weapon sets -
    Off-hand - Flametouched Iron Alchemical Tower Shield - mystical earth, martial refined water, mystical exquisite fire
    (swappable with Levik's Defender)

    Main-hand - Adamantine Alchemical Scepter - mystical fire, mystical refined fire, mystical exquisite earth
    (swappable with Silver Alchemical Scepter - mystical earth, mystical refined earth, mystical exquisite earth; unsuppressed Death's Touch for greater necro focus; scepter of mad trickery for greater enchant focus; heal scrolls )

    Also have staff of the petitioner for rare occasions. Sadly my epic greenblade and tier 3 ornamented dagger will probably end up collecting dust.

    I didn't go with the epic Helm of the Mroranon since if you max out your wis currently (without a monk splash), you end up with an odd wis (human, litany, +7 item, +4 tome), and I like the benefits of the full 5-piece set. I really don't mind the addition to conjuration DC since it's cool when cometfall does knock-down. And more con is good. This gear setup also gets her three guards - air guard, earthgrab guard, and magma surge guard.

    I know I don't have permanent archmagi on which is sad (but wizardy VI in conc opp for a net loss of 100 sp static instead of 300), but I am a person who doesn't mind swapping gear as the situation demands and almost never forgets to swap on extra sp gear before shrining (although I often forget to do it before I recall out of the quest ). I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, but it works for me

    The only gear I'm missing is +4 wis tome, Litany, a second exquisite earth spirit (and a bunch of exquisite refined dragonshard fragments), bauble (which is very elusive for me ), and maybe a couple of twisted talismans and a (non-epic ) spell storing ring
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