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    Default Spot open for Wednesday Night Thelanis Static Group! Level 14-15.

    We have 1 slot open for our Wednesday night Thelanis static group. We've been adventuring since level 4 and it's really a great group of people. We are looking for a mature, dedicated, easy going player who just enjoys having fun. Using voice chat is optional as most of us just prefer typing.

    We are level 15 or close to it and we are all in the same guild. I ask that if you join us we can add you as well. We play from around 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST.

    We currently have the following classes:


    We are basically open to any class you'd want to play.

    We don't use the AH for purchases other than things like tools, potions, quality of life stuff. Loot gems are ok to use from the DDO store. We would prefer someone who is a VIP since we run a lot of quest chains.

    If anyone is interested, please PM me or respond here and I'll get back to you.


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    Yes, this group is a lot of fun. Between the solid skills, good team work, easy going people, and lots of buffs, it's a great way to tour DDO. You can keep Power Attack going the whole time!
    On Thelanis: Survo ... Wattr ... Tigerpalm ... Cranefist ... Hobbson ... Grayed ... Shadowstance ... Smashcut

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    We're playing tonight if anyone wants to join us for a test run. Reply or PM me if interested.

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    Still looking for 1 spot. Any class, level 14-16.

    Reply or PM me if interested.


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    We need 1 player, any class, level 14-16. We're a very fun group who's been together for over a year now. RL took one of our members so we need someone to take his place.

    We're probably running Vale of Twilight quests tonight. If anyone is interested in joining our static group, please PM or respond.

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