Others feel free to add. Im basing this off of my experience for the last 3 months while leveling up to 14th level.

I love this server. It is a challange.

Pawn shops are empty, aution hall seldomly has anything good.

Throughout my leveling I found it pretty exciting to open chests and was very picky what I sold. It actually made getting loot fun again.

Be prepared to do a lot of soloing as there are seldomly groups looking. I think the most I ever saw was 6 or 7. Usually its 1-4. When I do form a group I post "1 or 2 players and we go" Hirelings are well used here.

Im at the point now where I am stumped and find it very hard to continue. Granted I am F2P and only own GH, VoN, Tangle, Sharn, and Catacombs. Ive reached a point where I have to be able 4-6 levels above the quest to finnish it on hard or elite.

Seldomly is there any lag. A few spikes.

Everyone I did meet is very friendly, but not many people are on at consistant times.

Surprisingly I have met very few Germans, though I do see them running around I would of expected more.

There are alot of people who come from other servers in groups. Seems they play for a few days, chat it up in the chat box and slowly slip back to their home servers. I suspect not being able to deck your toon out with the most urber stuff platnium can buy might be the issue. As I mentioned it is a challange.

It reminds me when the game first came out, things seemed simpler. But here you have a lot more options then back in those days. In fact after I hit 10th level I didnt play for the next 3 years, so I am hardly a true vet.

Never ran into any pikers here.

Very few people zerg, though alot of the time the parties are not big enough, if at all.

This server suits my play style a lot due to the fact I've grown sick of rushing around all the time, buying 90% of my gear instead of just playing for it.

Also keep in mind once again, this is based on my play experience. I do know there are serveral high level groups as I see them on from time to time.

Being F2P Im in the process of getting one toon on each server to 1000 favor. As I just accomplished this reciently here on Wayfinder so I moved to Sarlona to finnish my toon there. Once Ive completed my mission I will make Wayfinder my main server.

If your one of those players that the community calls "Flower Sniffers" I suspect you will like it here, give it a try. Not going to be 100% and you'll have to actually go looking for other players. But Ive certenly had a blast on this server hence this posting.