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    Default How's DDO these days?

    Hello everyone, I stopped playing DDO when U11 came out (Mostly due to mkinecraft/terraria hype and the screw-ups on the update). Well, now that the hype is going away/I have more time/patience, I'd like to get on the best MMORPG I ever played, and I would like to know what changed and what has been fixed. If DDO has turned into the typical MMORPG (Sales sales sales and no content), I'd rather not come back.

    And yes, I could do some research, but I wanna see your opinions. Thanks
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    Hmmm ... if it is the best MMORPG you have played, come back.

    Since f2p, the game is driven by the DDO Store, if you didn't like that before, it has not changed.

    The last pack introduced "Challenges" in House C; basically Kobold Island and Crystal Cove painted over in a style similar to Crystal Cove where you you complete tasks, collects items in order to make gear. If that is your thing, you'll like it. If you want storyline questing, you'll be disappointed.

    P.S. I think this is posted in the wrong forum!
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    How about you play the game and make up your own opinion?

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    I posted this on the UI section because I left because of the UI, mainly. I was basically asking if they made it better, I guess I should've focused on that.

    The DDO store isn't bad as long as they upload content (I'm a paying consumer also, so I have no problems with it)
    Also, I was downloading DDO when making this thread.
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