I just ran Relic of some Black Anvil Mines 10x. I slaughtered dorfs all over. I collected 150 adamantine ore but zero of it came from the dead dorfs. A ton of coal was seen. No ore. Please go check your percentage drop rate on the ore from dorfs. It appears to have been rounded to 0.0000%.

Tower of Despair, Master Artificer and Lord of Blades are all L20 raids... whose raid rewarder gives unbound +2 tomes only. The L16 shroud reward can now give bound +3 tomes on non-20th runs. Either adjust up the reward level from these raids to meet the "suspected" L23 +3 unbound tome drop level or better yet, adjust your +3 tome drops down to L21/L22 across the board so they will fall from these non20 reward lists when you get lucky enough to get a tome.