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    Default Redo how dispel/greater dispel/disjunction work and have mobs use more buffs.

    Posted something like this as a reply in a few other threads. Posting this here because this I feel is a better solution and more DnDish than the other suggestions. It would also make a few other spells functional.

    I actually like being able to mass kill and hold stuff in all content, including epics, but due to other suggestions floating around, I'd like to get this posted in my own thread. I can live with mobs buffing themselves as it seems only fair, instead of changing how my wail works or adding another mechanic while ignoring the other easy button of mass hold.

    I'd like to see dispel, greater dispel, and disjunction redone so that we are able to dispel buffs. I had hoped it would have been done with the spell pass but it didn't get touched. As it is, the mobs CR is so high that we have no chance to be successful when we cast those spells.

    Once those are working, have mobs buff with Freedom of Movement, resists, mass protections/death ward, and all the other spells that players regularly use more often. They can be buffed from the moment we enter.

    I'd like to see mobs have equipment like false life items, CON items, and other stuff that can be broken by disjunction.

    If mobs buffed themselves more often with FoM, casters wouldn't be able to just mass hold and trivialize the quest.

    If mobs buffed themselves more often with death ward, casters wouldn't be able to just insta death everything. The ones that do cast it still get webbed and still die fairly quickly.

    If a arcane is going to land one of those easy button spells, they would have to expend a bit extra SP to cut down the buffs before being able to kill something or hold something and even then, since the debufing spells are single target, we wouldn't just be able to mass hold/kill stuff.

    This would in turn require melee types to actually do something other than full retarded DPS because the arcane types would have to have some reliance on melee types to have some kind of CC.

    This would promote a better mixture of classes in a group instead of just all arcane types because melee types would be needed to CC mobs since there are no immunities to melee type of CC.

    I've also thought about this from a rogue assassin. The assassinate ability isn't a magical ability. Death ward should probably be tweaked a little so that it only blocks magical instant death or give rogues a poison that will knock out that deathward so they can use their ability. It isn't like they can actually spam the assassinate ability. They could give that particular poison a bit of threat that would require a rogue to have really good threat reduction so that rogues wouldn't be able to just sneak through the dungeon and assassinate everything. It would require a party that had a player that had good threat generation to keep aggro so that the rogue can use their ability.
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