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    Talking FAVOR Farming ~ Hour or so a night (EST)

    Looking to add 1, and hopefully 2, to my favor farming. Usually a solid hour every night.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention I am on Argo

    What you need:
    Argo Server alt account
    Ability to listen/communicate
    A decent computer
    Knowledge of quests mentioned below

    1 Character on alt account (hirelings are OK to bring if we only have a couple) with:
    Korthos Village, Harbor and a few Marketplace ELITE unlocked quests. My rotation has been:
    Village - all 4
    Harbor - haverdasher, bringing light, info is key, guard jung, durks, garrison
    Market - sunk sewer, missing in action

    1 Other character slot

    The goal = 100 favor every night, for now

    These are the basics, we will discuss further strategy in game so please contact me if you are serious about favor farming - post here or pm me is ok as well. I am subscribed to the thread so you can post a reply as well.

    I can be a bit flexible on times as this is my number 1 priority in game at this time. Best time to start will probably be from about 6/630pm [est] for an hour or so.

    What this is NOT for:

    If you have some interest, let me know. I am looking forward to it.

    Can catch me in game to - bilbojr, bilbowiz, bfreida, sneakybilbo
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    Default December sales

    Some people have to be up to serious favor farming.... right?!?!


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