In this thread I'll try to keep an updated list of known community site issues and what the current status is.

This thread is for reference only, if you discover an issue not in this list, create a new thread in this forum to discuss it.

  1. Logged out of forums too quickly

  2. I have to log in twice
    • Cause: When your session is timed out, you are asked to log in on the wrong login page.
    • Status: Fix is on the way.
    • Please do not report this issue.
    • Workaround until fix is implemented: If you are ever asked to log in, click the "Log In" link on the top-right of the forums and THEN log in
    • (Better) Workaround until fix is implemented: Log in through then click the "Forums" link.

  3. "New Posts" shows only the newest posts since the last login
    • Status: This is a known issue; We are working to find a way to do this correctly, without affecting forum performance.
    • Please do not report this issue.

  4. Character signatures are not working (Showing "Signature Error: Unknown")

  1. Character sheets do not update

  2. Characters on player pages link to the wrong character
    • Thread:
    • Cause: When a player creates a new character with the same first name of a deleted or previously renamed character, the old (original) character is sometimes not correctly removed from the DB
    • Status: A fix is being implemented.
    • Please do not report this issue.

  3. Guild member list shows characters that are no longer in the guild

  4. "Lineage" images are missing
    • Thread:
    • Status: We know about it, we will fix it, it's not considered a high priority issue due to the low number of players with higher lineage counts.
    • Please do not report this issue.

  5. Some unauthorized players can edit a guild's page


  • I won a lottery but I am not receiving my prize
    • Thread:
    • Cause: The lottery system works in tandem with the character sheet system. If your character sheet is not updating, you do not receive prizes automatically.
    • Status: This is a known issue and a fix is being implemented but will take some time.
    • Please do not report this issue as a bug, we are aware of this problem.
  • Artificers cannot enter some lotteries

In-Game Browser
  1. I'm logged in as a different account

  2. I only see black

  3. I get an error when trying to access the in-game browser
    • For these issues, use the search feature on this forum to find players reporting similar errors. If a thread exists, post there. If not, create a new thread and submit a Bug Report.

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