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    Default In-game browser is black

    Please post a reply here, as well as file a Bug Report if you are experiencing this issue:

    Clicking the "MyDDO" link in-game shows the in-game browser window but it is just black.

    Please only report this issue if it is a constant or common problem for you. If this only happened once or a few times, or the black screen goes away after a few seconds and then acts normally, do not report this issue.

    Please post a reply with:
    Character and server currently logged in:
    Date & time this happened:
    Your timezone:

    If you wish to keep this information private, filing a Bug Report should be enough.

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    I experienced this a few times, about two (?) months ago, or so. Can't get a fix on the date.

    Character and server currently logged in: Don't remember which character. Server: Orien
    Date & time this happened: 2ish Months ago
    Your timezone: GMT +1. Probably happened between 1pm and 7 pm EST.

    Should I still fill in a bug report? Sorry for being not specific enough.
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    I have been having this problem for a few days it also effects the DDO store as well. Nothing I do will fix it. I have to log on my laptop to use the ddo store

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