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    Question Does invisibility stack with hide?

    If invisibility works by considering you hidden with a Hide score of 20, would any extra points into the Hide skill stack, or does Hide cap at 20 in the same way that Jump caps at 40?

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    as far as i know...

    Invis is different from hide in that Invis is magical and can be penetrated by the True Seeing spell.

    the Hide skill is only defeated by spot skill. Hide doesnt seem to have a cap from my experience.

    For your stacking question, it may be plausible to use invis if the mob youre trying to get past from has a high spot but no true seeing. likewise, a true-sighted mob wouldnt be able to see you if you have a high hide skill and use sneak (if their spot is low enough that is).

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    See ddowiki:

    Correct that invis don't stack with hide, but they may complement if you have good sneaking.
    Invis has a number of advantages, among others.

    First and most useful, it doesn't break if you are attacked.
    This stops DA from mobs that can't see invis, and even if you are seen can run into the next mobs and stay cloaked.
    e.g. you can invis run coalescent chamber even when the bats, scorps and shamans see you.

    Second, since you can run instead of sneak the monsters will take longer to find you provided you keep your distance.
    e.g. a hasty sorcerer can do claw of vulkoor by nonstop running and good timing. there's videos of this

    And third, if you run you are heard and the monsters run towards you instead of spotting as you pass by.
    This puts more distance on mobs that otherwise are able see you after the spot check.
    e.g. in stealthy reposition, when the prophet sees you the other kobolds still run in the corridor instead of going straight to you.

    In general, sneaking and invis need a bit of practice, so you can tell if the mob actually see you or they merely run in your general direction.
    But stealthy repo might not be the best place, possibly the quests with goblinoids like stk are better examples.

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