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    Default Slayesh of Khybers Guide to Shroud part 4

    Due to the fact that Shroud is a raid we must all be competent on Part 4 which seems to be the most difficult for some. So I've made a guide I've completed Shroud epic post "update" numerous times I hope this guide helps.

    Shroud Part 4.1

    So when the Bearded Devils and the Orthons spawn every time you kill a Bearded Devil a blade pops up, some people say kill them one at a time so you dont get alot of blades spawning. But its not really an issue IF you put you back against the wall. Why you may ask? Because both bearded devils and orthons will Teleport to you if everyone has their back against the wall they will come into melle. This can all be ruined by 1 person not with their back against the wall and the orthons and devils going to them and other melle running out of the "BLADE FREE ZONE" to kill it so everyone MUST listen. I have an image that shows optimal placement. I've tested this numerous times the circling blades in part 4.1 do not come to the outer edge and the FOLLOWING blades do not come to the outer edge.

    PART 4.1

    Its up to you if you want to kill them all at once or slowly and stagger them out sometimes their is a chance of a folllowing blade being on a melle when part 4.2 starts and Said melle dragging it into the middle and killing the rest of the mellee. Blades should be treated like blade traps you avoid them not fight through them and expect the healers to take care of you

    Part 4.2.1
    At this point the blades are at the outer edges Depending on how fast you killed the bearded devils for the blades to spawn you might still have some following blades this is an issue for melle since you can drag them into the other melle who is currently smacking on the boss and this is an issue for healers or ranged who dont have the ranged to hit him while on the back wall if its melle run out towards the healers but not in the path of the circling blades and let them heal you If its any other class run to the back wall the following blade will not hit you there

    This image shows the placement of the meat shields and the casters at this point the following blades should have disipated Go all out on him their is no fear now that the ranged/healers will take any fireballs because they have a healthy dose of meat sheild blocking them if your squishy don't go into the new shroud if you can get one shot by his fireballs. Clerics heal through this dps dps through this etc etc. The ranged group should be taking NO damage pretty easy and everyone should be alive at this point

    Part 4.2.2

    Do the exact same thing as you did the part before the blades are starting to close in. At this point the Melle dps should be more so watchign on how close the blades are but standing in the position to take the fireblasts for the ranged group.

    Part 4.2.3

    Eventually the blades will get closer you watch for an opening in the blade ring and you run out and reform on the outer edge of the blade ring still forming a meat shield for the caster/ ranged group at this point any squishy characters can run to the outer group so as not to take damage for no reason use ranged weapons if you got em.
    Your dps will be Terribly terrribly poor at this point since you can't really melle hit him and the melle you have is taking the fireblasts for the ranged group But still everyone should be alive no pesky blades to kill you.

    Part 4.3
    Welp the blades reached him he's up in the air flying around fire blasting. Go set up to do this all again by ranged and melle Going back to their special spots AGAINST THE WALL!

    Part 4 THE RESTART
    So the bearded devils spawn again do the same thing kill them against the wall in whatever form you see fit as long as you have a competent party if its pug kill them slow, because this time around You have to kill Gnolls. The melle group should switch into 2 groups The heavys to form up infront of the ranged and casters taking the fire blasts while the squishier melle and hopefully also smart squishy melle run around killing the gnolls the ranged / caster group should focus on killing the gnolls close to them then dpsing down the boss while the healers will heal the meat shield and maybe the melle gnoll killing group if they dont kill them fast enough and return back to the meat shield group in time to catch a heal.
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