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    Default 80th abbot rewards list

    Got my 80th abbot done. slightly disappointing to see the list:

    Is this working as intended? If not, then I feel shafted for several months' work of getting 20 more completions just to get a handful of options. If it is....shame on you devs. That's all I have to say. You made the raids harder to pug, and harder to get sought-after loot.

    As a power gamer who enjoys mingling with more casual gamers, especially in the raiding environment, this has been a really, really annoying update.
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    Yeah - this was acknowledged as bugged in a thread earlier this week not WAI.
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    Erm, yeah its been acknowledged by a dev, I believe Eladrin, as not WAI, as a forumite I am more surpised you would run it on a 20th increment run right now. Clearly not.
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