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    Arrow Maximum possible challenge favor achieved

    Went to finish capping my favor and got every challenge 6 stard. Well every one that is possibly anyways:

    22 six star'd (maximum possible for U14):

    Disruptor and Shortcuts are broken and impossible to achieve over 3 stars due to simply 100% impossible objectives. (You need to reach impossible levels of rates/upgrades that simply cannot be done even if you were an advanced mililtary android). No one has ever done more then 3 stars even on the lowest CRs. Proof is aval on the official leaderboards, which has zero completions of 4+ stars, but tons at 1-3.
    Pic of them at 3 anyways (which is actually kind of hard)

    Thus current maximum challenge favor is:
    5 PDKs @ 6 a piece = 30 PDK favor
    17 Canniths @ 6 a piece = 102 Cannith favor
    4 broken canniths @ 3 a piece = 12 Cannith favor
    Grand total = 144 favor

    Cpl select runs from our 6star-athon I thought were particularly challenging. more to come later:
    Ring of Fire - CR30, 6 stars: 911. The toughest challeng combat-wise for sure.

    Sunset Ritual - CR30, 6 stars: 290. Also a tough one combat wise, tho a lot easier then the arena, and fun to run, so I run this one a LOT and am very good at it, wont be an easy score to beat, tho it is beatable if your up for some healthy competition.

    Epic Lava Caves- Collosal Crystals - CR25, 6 stars, 755
    . Possiblt the toughest challenge to 6 star because of non-combat reason, the strategy, luck and teamwork required is utterly insane. Im betting we are the only group to ever do this, took an insane amount of effort.

    Epic Rushmoors - Moving Targets - CR25, 6 stars - 4973
    - A crazy hard challenge and crazy high score considering (ultimate characters making insane use of blitz and other powerful abilities was required). This one took 3 tries iirc due to incredibly poor luck on the boss teleports.
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