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    Lightbulb DDOViewer - a new tool for DDO

    Introducing DDOViewer

    DDOViewer as we know it is dead.
    Turbine is going to discontinue MyDDO and the API killing DDOViewer with it.
    More info here.

    2013/01/06 - version released.
    See Revision history bellow for details

    With DDOViewer you can view all your characters:
    - Stats
    - Equipment
    - Log
    - Timers
    - Ransacks
    - And more!
    It also includes other tools to help you solve, for example, Shroud puzzles.

    With time I am planning to add more things to the tool.

    Remember to use the popup menus!
    Right mouse button click everywhere! Try it!

    See bellow

    Version zip
    Version zip patch (use this one if you already have a previous version installed)

    - MyDDO is not fully working and is giving error all over the place or not displaying the information properly. DDOViewer and up haves several workarounds to try to minimize or eliminate this errors. Hopefully, Turbine will fix MyDDO sooner or later.
    - If you are updating from version or previous, the first run after the update may take longer then usual to start due to internal character database updates.
    - DDO U12.1 broke the character log page. DDOViewer and up now checks the account log page making the log updates slower. Is is normal since the account log pages haves the log information of all account characters and DDOViewer needs to filter the entries for the character that is being updated.
    - DDO U13 and up related quests/dungeons/raids completions don't appear correctly in MyDDO log pages (name of quest/dungeon/raid missing). Because of that DDOViewer doesn't display the name in the log and the epic timers of the raids don't work (you have to set them manually).
    - DDOViewer and up log info doesn't show classes level up anymore. This was made to prevent MyDDO log bug that stops listing log entries when a character takes a epic level. You may need to do a full log refresh if you have been noticing that the information DDOViewer is showing is incomplete or not entirely updated (Log, Timers & Ransacks tab -> Log tab -> Refresh all using MyDDO popup item).

    - it doesn't asks your DDO account user/pass.
    - uses the DDO API and MyDDO to get the information of the character(s) you add.
    - like in the DDO API and MyDDO, if you don't want your char to appear in DDOViewer make it private.
    (and, like in the DDO API and MyDDO, some things will still be visible even if you make it private, like, for example, equipment)
    - created by a 3+ years DDO player that wants to remain anonymous (why posting with this account and not my main)

    -.NET 3.5 or above to run
    - Internet connection to check for new versions at start (if you didn't disable it in the options) and to get the dynamic information that needs (chars, items, etc)

    Want to support DDOViewer?
    - Then donate any plat/gear/whatever to the DDOViewer character in the Khyber server. Not playing in any other server
    - Paypal donations also welcome and available here

    Known issues:
    See Revision history bellow

    Any feedback/comment is welcome. Even bug reports!
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