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Aasimar seems like a no brainer IMHO. Currently there is not a race, in game, w/a racial bonus to wisdom. This would provide more balance when considering a wisdom based character. Aasimar are physically similar to tieflings and humans, thus not needing too much in the way of engineering work to be done for the development team. Many more viable options would be made available to create dynamic fun to play characters and would lend great strength to several race/class combos to compete against some of the most powerful race/class (ie. HO Barb,WF Caster,Human/HE FVS, Dwarf Ftr, etc.). So much more to comment on why the Aasimar would be the best new race and why it makes sense too little time. Thats all for now I'll hang up and listen to your responses lol later.
This and this again. We need a Wisdom based race, Aasimars are the best fit for this, both flavorful and cost effective to develop.
Not to mention that with their great advantages they would make a perfect premium race, unlockable through favor/ddo store.