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    Default Looking for a rp group that goes out and does quest, not a chat in the tavern group.

    I am posting for my brother, long time pnp, He is first time ddo player and he decided to try it due to forgotten realms getting added to the game, he is looking for a rp group that is doing the quest, preferably in some what of an order by level.

    On thelanis, my guild(his guild as well) is full over geared(if there is such a thing) 4th to 5th trs all looking for destiny xp. and no one is really willing to try the rp thing.

    If anyone has a group, around level 5 to 8, please send me a pm.
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    Forgotten Realms Expansion is disappointing right now because you have to be upper level to even get there.

    You could check out our thread in Static Groups Topic.

    We voice chat, but not in character. We meet in Taverns, discuss, but don't waste time getting down to business.
    We get PLENTY of banter DURING our quests and some have been known to linger in the Tavern afterwards.

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    I too would be interested in a guild that is is neither zerg nor non-action roleplaying

    Old PnP was like that. If you want to pretend to be someone else, join Dramasoc, but DbD is for adventurers, not gamers

    Any guild like that?

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