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    Default 1 toon - 2 machines - 2 resolutions

    New to DDO - I'm guessing this was asked a few times but search didn't result in much...

    I have multiple hardware configs running different resolutions. It appears as though UI settings are persisted to the server. Is there a setting to store these on the client so I can have my UI fixed (but different) for each machine?

    It's a PITA to keep moving things around based on where I'm playing from


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    I feel your pain. I could only get DDO to work at a lower resolution on my Ubuntu partition, than my Win XP partition, which resulted in overlapping bars for the higher resolution XP version. I haven't found anything that could be set, so I'm interested if there's anything as well.

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    Each computer has to be set up to what suits it best. I have the same problem going from my desk top to my lap top. It is what it is.
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    there is a config file (don't remember which file off the top of my head) that tells the UI where to sit. Set up your UI on one computer, and then make a copy of that file to your desktop. Do the same with the other, and when you switch computers, use the desktop file to overwrite the one that the server loads.
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