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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    In this case, the joke would simply not be worth it.
    The devil isn't worth it... noted.

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    Brinky: What are we going to do tonight Pain?
    Pain: Same thing we do every night - Try to take over Xendrick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarDestroyer View Post
    I mean, all those quests... Rainbow in the Dark, the Devil You Know, Running with the Devil... so are ya Devs like metal just like me?
    They are also geeky people like most of us here. Theres indiana jones, star wars, black sabbath, Dio, Van Halen, Van Hellsing, Dante Alighieri, and a lot of movie and other videogame references around.

    I cant remember the post, but someone started a thread about all puns and references in DDO. "Don't go into the light!" is somewhere too I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodeus451 View Post
    there are in fact a GREAT many nods, references, and spoofs in DDO.

    not all of which are music related:

    Xy'zzy is a cheatcode from a classic videogame (sans the ')

    Brinky and Pain (attack on stormreach rednames) is a nod to Pinky and the Brain

    there are MANY, many more

    see, the thing is, DDO is based on D&D, and D&D gamers, who are drawn to it, tend to belong to certain sub-cultures and demographics.
    having references in the game to those things that we love, is like having little easter-eggs in the game
    Xyzzy was a clue in the original "Colossal Cave" text based adventure from the days before any personal computers existed.

    Or cheatcodes, for that matter.

    I first encountered the game in 1977, on a DEC PDP-8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey_Archer View Post
    The wizard king's dying words in Chamber of Raiyum "I'm a god, why can't I live on" is a quote from Iron Maiden's song Powerslave.
    he has a bunch of death texts like "all has come to ruin" or something like that. But if what you are saying is correct, that is pretty epic given the artwork on that Maiden album.
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    For those of you that would like to read more about the puns and easter eggs in DDO, check out this thread:
    Easter Eggs and Puns in DDO

    Feel free to add any that we might have missed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by droipamine View Post
    I imagine we'll be looking at this very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    If I have to ask myself, "Is this joke worth getting an infraction over," then I err on the side of caution. Making people laugh is something I enjoy, but not to the point of folly.

    In this case, the joke would simply not be worth it.
    PS: Greensteel RUINED the game! and you all know it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blkcat1028 View Post
    One of my favourites is the rare in Ataraxia, Schenker the Scorpion.

    Rudolf Schenker was the lead guitarist for The Scorpions

    edit: Before somebody calls me out. Schenker was primarily a rhythm guitarist, but he played lead on a couple of songs on "Love at First Sting". Mathias Jabs was the main lead player.
    Rudy's brother is actually more well-known (Michael Schenker), and also helped found the Scorpions.

    Michael was also in UFO during the height of their popularity, and wrote some of the better known songs.

    he also subbed in another famous 80s metal band when one of their gutarists quit or was fired. I want to say Ratt, but I believe that was one of the guys from Night Ranger.
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    Here are a few I noticed. I think the Kim Bendix Petersen / King Diamond is the best reference i have noticed.

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