The full article can be found here on DDM's Realm: It's Time to remove guild renown decay from DDO

Here's my part.

The guild Renown decay system should be dropped from Dungeons and Dragons Online. I also think that the Renown lost for those that leave or are removed from a guild also needs to be removed. I understand some of the arguments for both of these systems; however, I believe more unforeseen and unintended issues have arisen with the Renown loss systems.

Simply put, the Renown loss and decay system not only punishes the players guild if they do not reach a minimum level of daily Renown gathering, but it also puts an unfair burden on the other players of the guild to try to “pick up their slack”.

If you are not familiar with the guild Renown and daily decay systems, you can reference the details at the link below.

The problems that have arisen with this system have strained friendships, guild participation, and has even led members of my guild to leave the guild and Dungeons and Dragons Online completely.

I am the leader of the Disciples of the Apocalypse guild on Sarlona. We are a founders guild that strives to be a casual, no drama adult gaming guild. Our members range from college students to parents of college students. We have no playing requirements and we play all of the content in the game. This allows for a wide variety of players and different playing styles.

We have members who play 6 or 8 hours a day to some that play 8 hours a month. The more frequent player has to make up the Renown that the less frequent player costs the guild. The system breeds resentment and frustration. For those who can not play as often, there is a keen understanding that they are dragging the guild down because of decay, causing feelings of guilt and alienation. The rest of the players, falling between the two extremes, bear the burden of both sides.

Dungeons and Dragons Online players should never be punished for not playing the game. Period.

We should not be penalized for having real life commitments. The game should fit into our lives, our online friends welcoming us in to play, regardless of our level of time commitment.

Our guild has recently begun struggling with instituting rules or policies to address these problems. The only solution seems to be booting player from the guild if they do not reach a certain minimum play time along with mandating players to take Renown for rewards.

I am disturbed and frustrated that this game even has me considering booting a good friend from the guild because they can't play as much as DDO says they should. My friends with new babies, sick families, college finals, or any other thing going on should not be penalized for being responsible adults!

This system also penalizes both guilds and players who have characters in multiple guilds. That players' decay burden is doubled, tripled, or more, which requires the members from multiple guilds to “pick up the slack”.

I think the Renown decay and loss when people leave a guild were added as a noble effort to stop some griefing. However, in effect, it has caused griefing to everyone in the game that belongs to a guild instead.

Guild Renown for a guild should work the same way as XP for players: when you earn it, you should keep it. What would happen if you introduced this mechanic to the players XP? What if players lost XP at a certain rate per day? There would be a revolt. There would be a mass exodus from the game, and it would be justified. Why is it not the same for guild Renown?

Please, Turbine, remove Guild Decay and Renown Loss when players leave a guild or are removed. It is an unnecessary mechanic that has caused much more harm than good. It is constantly straining the relationships of the entire player base. This has caused many good players to leave guilds and the game completely. Let’s put an end to it. I love DDO but this Renown loss and decay is causing way too much drama.

Until Turbine changes these rules, you all better be taking that Renown with every reward! I don’t want to hear you’re broke, or you could use an item, or you like +3 Tomes. If your choices are a +3 Time or some Heroic Deeds, you better take those deeds…


Please remove Renown loss and decay from Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Play smarter, not harder!