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    Default Looking for a static on Sarlona

    Wouldn't mind running in a static group, anyone else out there interested?


    I am EST and will run to about 10:30.

    Looking for a laid back group that can have fun.

    I have a family, so it is possible that there may be something that pops up and I won't be on a night.

    I have toons of various levels, but can also start a new one.

    I am not p2p but have most packs and can pick up any that I don't have if I need to.

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    Hi Despisen, I would check with the groups in our guild Dedicated Teams.

    My group is currently full (Kor's dungeon crawlers) but we have lots of teams and days that we play so check them out.
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    I also have a group that runs Sunday mornings at Noon eastern we are level 15 atm If you were interested in running with us send an in game mail to Gyangles that is the toon that leads the group. We are based under the Drawn by fate guild.

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    We also have a group forming; no set time yet. We'll most likely be playing on Thelanis, however. Here is the link to the thread:

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