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    Post How to solo Eclaw on any lvl 20 character

    Some background:

    I looked on the forum but could not find a good post that only talked about Eclaw. There were several achievement threads, but very few talked about HOW they actually did it. I was specifically interested in how each guardian reacted to noise, how their path finding worked, and the best way to pacify them with ZERO stealth skills, apart from invisibility. Since I've now soloed it at least 30 times now on several characters, I'd thought I'd try and put together a short step-by-step guide on it. There won't be any screenshots, at least until I can find an image hosting website that isn't blocked by my countries government,

    Preperation, entering and buffs:

    -You need at least 3x 3minutes of invis. Pots, clickies, scrolls or spell all work fine. More if first time.
    -At least 3x 1minute of detect secret doors, or true seeing. There are 3 doors total.
    -You need a way to get to around 30 jump. Any build can do this with minimal gear, it just takes preperation for some builds.
    -self healing is a plus for the giants, but not needed. If you need to heal during the scorpion part, something has gone terribly wrong
    The only monster you need to defeat via force is warlock sobrein. That's it. He is primarily a caster, but will swing a sword/throw rocks sometimes. Spells he casts: acid blast, burning blood, wall of fire, negative energy ray. So saves are important, GH yourself, holy aura if divine. Deathward. Use the clickie from tangleroot as the 7minutes are enough for most builds. Resists you need are ACID and FIRE. Bring a hire if no self healing.

    The fight: He has a mountain of hp, but doesn't hit THAT hard. Keep chipping away at him, he can take a little while to down on a non geared melee. DoTs trivialize this fight as you can hide behind corners and peek out to reapply. If you are a caster, it is definitely worth it to energy drain him a few times, it goes way, way faster. If you are a melee, just smack him down. It might help to bring more then one hire as well, they don't run out often but when they do, it's good to have a backup.

    Past the giants:
    BOOM. Warlock sobrein goes down. Gather the staff and pick up any scorpions. Before you pick up the last one, here are some good buffs to have in place, if you can cast them:

    true seeing/detect secret doors (dsd clickies are cheap, all chars should carry one)
    any buffs you feel help you fight, if you are taking out the giants

    Gather the last scorpion, and the barrier gets dispelled. You can either kill the giants or run past them. I generally run past them, on a non self healing character with a hire, might be better to kill. Pick your poison. They have TRUE SEEING so invis doesn't help for this part, nor does displacement. Open the door that is to the LEFT past the barrier. Ahead is another secret doorway, ignore it. Down to the right is a door that has fire traps. Definitely ignore that way.

    Open the left-hand secret door, use the lever and drop down. If you didn’t kill the 2 giant there, you might need to try several times before getting uninterrupted. They swing very slowly, so it's definitely possible. Drop down, and charge the giant there. If you can stun/dance/finger/fascinate him, great, if not run past him as he triggers a nasty fire trap. If you die, however, there is a resurrection shrine right nearby, so all is not lost . Just remember to pick the staff back up! Also, please note that there is a stuck point between the res shrine and the wall near it, I have gotten stuck there twice. Even dying will not get you out of there, I was only able to get out by using the res shrine quick (was pinned up against it after all) and then winging away.

    Kill the giants here, or run past them. Open the other secret door at the end of the slope here (might need to reapply detect secret doors if you took some time), and place the staff on the octagon near the jar. The door nearby will open (remember to grab the staff again), but it takes a few seconds. INVIS after taking the staff. Plant Hire or dismiss.

    *******A note on invis and scorpion guardians-you do not need any move silently or hide to complete this quest. You can use the fact that when invis, a monster will hear you, but not agro, to your advantage here. There are several places where it is easiest to go near a guardian (say within haste radius, but not as close as greatsword range), draw them somewhere, then go around them. It is important to be fast, as they will go where they heard you, about 2-3 seconds ago. You can tell a scorpion has heard you when it rears up a little bit and starts moving.*******


    If one of the first 6 guardians notices you on epic, you will probably have to start over on MOST builds. A caster can DOT/energy drain the guardian while kiting the trash and take it out with a few hundred sp...but most of the critters in here stun and trip, and triggering most of the guardians is instant green DA, possibly yellow. On melee, 99% of builds should start over unless it is last guardian.

    Remember to grab the staff after each time you use it!!

    Scorpion Number 1:easy

    USE INVIS if you are not invisible right now. I don't do scorpion number one. Featherfall onto the bridge and you can skip it. If you solo it then invite people to run for the free chest, TELL THEM, as they will not be able to get past guardian number one. If you are inviting people, it may be easiest to pacify the first guardian, as he is very easy. Fall down facing south, turn around and go due north through the opening. Don't sneak, just go up and place the staff on the octagon, then back off while the scorpion is being pacified. It takes 3-4 seconds from when you put the staff on to when it actually gets pacified, and the guardian CAN notice you during that time, even if you are invisible. So don't get too close. Mind the roaming scorpions and go through the scorpions door.

    Scorpion Number 2:easy/moderate

    You are on the bridge, facing west, having either FFed down there from above or coming up after dominating the 1st scorpion. Continue up, dodging the roaming scorpion by squeezing against the side of the tunnel and jumping. The shrine and the 2nd scorpion await. The easiest way to pacify this scorpion is to run along the LEFT side of the tunnel, onto the pressure plate, and keep going following the left wall, in a circle. The guardian will hear you, move to where you were (around the pressure plate), then keep following you. After he is pacified, the door will open. There are several healing scorpions nearby, but do not worry about going near them. Go through the scorpions door

    Scorpion Number 3:easy

    There is a clam in the water here, you can loot it if you want. If you ever want to upgrade some of the items here, you will need at least 1 golden swamp pearl, and probably more if you have luck like mine . Climb the shaft here. A high jump is nice, but not needed. At the top of the shaft, there is a roaming scorpion, several healing scorpions and the guardian is up the tunnel around to the right. The roaming scorpion follows a square-like pattern, time the run past him and run onto the near edge of the pressure plate. The guardian will not notice you if you are still invis. You ARE still invis, right? IF you go too far along the pressure plate, the guardian, WILL hear you, but that's ok. Just back up a bit if you notice the scorpion rear up and start searching. Go through the scorpions door.

    Scorpion Number 4:easy

    Continue up the passage here, sticking to the left side. There will be a nook past the bridge, on the left. Go into it (I think it's part of a tree or something). The scorpion will go past you on the right. Once it is past you, go out of the nook (not the same way you went in, there is another opening forward). Do not move when the guardian is close! Swiveling is fine, but side to side or back and forth movement will alert the guardian, which will be troublesome as there is not much space to move here. Move forward to the pressure plate, walk over it and continue past it. Go back for the staff after the guardian is pacified, often it hears you and follows you up the passage. Go through the scorpions door.

    Scorpion Number 5:difficult

    This next scorpion is the most difficult, due to the scorpions close proximity to the pressure plate, and the lack of maneuverability. Once you get past the giants, and know the quest, this is the only place you can fail most of the time. It is possible to just go up to the VERY edge of the pressure plate, quickly plant the staff, and retreat. The scorpion will DEFINITELY hear you, but might not notice you. Another way is to use the fact that it can hear you but won't notice you to your advantage. You can draw the scorpion back past the pressure plate into the wider tunnel behind you, and draw it right then go left past it. It is difficult to do, especially without having a roaming scorpion notice you. My preferred way of doing this while stealthing is to hug the right hand part of the tunnel, go within hearing distance of the scorpion, then drawing it back and to the right, then quickly going past it on the left once it is in the wider part of the tunnel. Place the staff on the pressure plate, wait for it to be pacified. Go through the scorpions door.

    Scorpion Number 6: moderate

    Go past the shrine on your left. Take a right. There is a roaming scorpion that patrols the ledge here. Jump over and around him, or wait till he goes past, to the left. Jump across the gap in the path, and face the 6th guardian. There is a very easy way of dealing with this scorpion. Go close to it on the right side of the tunnel. How close? About the radius of a haste spell, maybe. It will hear you, and move towards you. Back up a bit and move to the left hand side of the tunnel, as the guardian investigates the spot where you just were. Move forward and run onto the pressure plate, and down the hall to the left towards the scorpions door. The scorpion should not notice you, it might move back towards the pressure plate but will be pacified before it gets close to you. Run back up quickly and grab the staff. Go through the scorpions door.

    Lava room: easy

    Run past the giant here (he won't activate till you are close), and climb the ledge. There is a shrine that you can use, almost directly above the giant here. You will be safe when using it. If you have more then green Dungeon Alert, consider waiting a few moments, but it shouldn’t be an issue. Reinvis, rebuff if you want. Fireshield (cold) is nice if you can, but totally unneeded. Jump along the lava room from ledge to ledge. Featherfall and a high jump are nice; neither is needed. However, a high jump is very important for the next part.

    Trap room: moderate

    At the end of the lava room, jump down to the passage and hug the right wall. Select the nearby lever, use it, and quickly jump onto the lever in the next room. Using the lever closes the door behind you, and also triggers a fire trap that covers most of the room. Trash might follow you into here if you are not fast enough. To get onto the lever requires a moderately high jump. Consider farming for a morah's belt over in Shavarath (+30 jump, 15min), or using house P buffs (+20 jump, 30 minutes). A +6 str item, +20 jump spell and a +15 item should allow any naked character to get the needed ups. Go through the traproom door.

    Prince Gornard's Chamber: easy

    Do not loot any of the giants stuff. Even the clam! Move to the far wall and use detect secret doors. Open the door. Reapply invis.

    Scorpion Number 7: moderate

    For the last scorpion, it is best to pull it back into Prince Gornards chamber, then go around it in the open space, and back up the passage towards the pressure plate. It IS possible to draw the guardian to the left, and move around it to the right, but it is a very tight space and requires some maneuvering. Far easier to draw it back into the wider space. There is a healing scorpion here as well, near the pressure plate. You might need to either kill it, or step on the left hand side of the plate and retreat. If it notices you can you cannot kill it, you can always draw it back into price gornards chamber, run back up and loot. Go through the scorpions door.

    Whew. This looks like a lot (and it is, there is a lot going on here), but after the first giant goes down, it only takes a few minutes to do, if executed flawlessly.

    Looting the epic chest and 1-2 other chests: easy

    The chest can contain the following seals: Cacophonic Verge, Elder's Cap, Necklace of Venom, Raven's Talons, Shaman's Band, Shatterbow, Siren's Belt and...Gloves of the Claw. The drop rate is not amazing, but it is not horrible either.

    Token fragment count seems to range between mid 50s and 80. Completion times are between 5-20 minutes. This quest is pretty easy with any kind of party, particularly if there is an arcane with decent webs, but learning to solo it is definitely a useful skill.

    Enjoy, if you have any questions or comments feel free to PM me or post them here. I am still learning about this quest too, which is part of the reason for posting

    Happy Scorpion Hunting,


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    Nice work, going to give this a try. +1

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    As a few people pointed out to me via private messages, this is much easier on a caster. But most things other then beating up a training dummy are CERTAINLY doable on a melee however.

    Also, if you are on the Cannith server, I'd be happy to run people through a claw (Epic or otherwise) as the mechanics of soloing it can take a while to learn alone...knowledge is power!!! I'm usually on mechgruber nowadays, feel free to send me a tell.

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    Default cool

    very nice good work

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    Nicely done.

    I learned by watching any number of Youtube videos out there demonstrating it, but it definitely helps sometimes to see it written out in text.
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    nice job
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    Yep, youtube vids are the way to go, I would post one detailing it but can't access that particular website in my current country, sadly.

    Also, if you invite people after pacifying all 7 guardians...

    1. DON'T approach the end point till entire party is in the quest.

    2. DO pacify the first guardian

    3. TELL them to bring an invis pot/clickie/scroll/spell.

    4. EXPECT the dungeon alert to rise quite a bit...with 5 other people tramping through the quest, invis or not, it's gonna happen.

    5. INFORM them not to loot any of the stuff in the giants room. Even the clam.

    Another Note: Was doing this quest on elite for bravery today when TRing...and alerted 3 guardians. Not a problem on elite as can just nuke them down but more of an issue on epic, particularly for melee. The mechanics of the guardians must be different then on epic because on epic can do it like clockwork, on elite they got alerted from a mile away, even when if you are triggering guardians when practicing on non epic it doesn't mean you don't have a chance on epic.

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