My V2.0 weekly group just finished the CA1 & 2 modules.

Set in Lankhmar, lvls 6 & 7, the story line is cool, but restrictive if you follow to the letter.

Had a blast, and I only wanted to strangle the DM 5 times. (personal best)

We played all the scenarios, and our DM didnt add much, so it was a s close to authentic as we could get.

The only real catch, the series is mainly in the sewers, so when we finished, the party smells and is not allowed in any taverns or shops! We can't even get a stable boy (npc) to clean our stuff.

So, one of the party members decides to use his "Ring of Wishes" OH BOY!
Well we all have clean equipment now,
BUT, we lost all our XP, & loot! And the story was reset!

Cool modules, but lacks the finesse of other old TSR stuff. If you're lucky enough to have them, watch our for the big fight at end of part 2.
*spoiler from an old timer* Bring flasks of oil for the rats.