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Thread: Fix Hirelings!!

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    I propose that no longer hires be purchased from merchants, but from "short ships" preferably yellow. That their helm is changed to a football helmet, perhaps this will assist in the obvious brain damage they receive from bashing their heads repeatedly on unopened doors. Perhaps a body harness command, it places a harness on the hire, and a retractable short lead so they can't get to far away.

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    Default Different Hireling/Pet Problem

    I'm not sure I agree with most of the sentiment in here. My experience has been the exact opposite. When I get my pet out and a hireling summoned I find that they don't fight anything, regardless of what stance I put them in. At first they do okay, but after about 5 or 10 minutes they start just standing behind me, not attacking boxes, not attacking enemies, not using abilities.

    Things I used to be able to solo with hirelings' help are now a lot more difficult because they don't seem to want to participate. When I put my puppy on aggressive I expect him to run up and bite stuff, not stand 20 yards behind me doing nothing.

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    Well, here's my take-

    I've plunked down $300 and Im not getting my money's worth when the Dev team thinks it's more important to install crappy new content instead of making the old content work.

    Let's start with the hirelings. All of those issues have been presented.

    Now lets move on to existing content. Like 3 barrel cove, Ataraxia, just to name 2 that need revamped. All that the new content is serving to do is to allow old content to be forgotten, exploiters to ruin the economy (15k for a grtr sp pot? OMG!) and the quality of DDO to decline.

    Let move to the renown decay and showing the HP and SP in the group player bars. What these 2 things have done is forced good guilds to become elitist power gaming guilds and it's ruining the community. You dont lose your character levels if you dont play them, you dont lose your epic items if you dont use them, so why the hell do you lose guild renown? All of these issues make the Dev team look like idiots who have never played an MMORPG ever.

    I put real money down on this game and I would like what I paid for to work.

    I'll sign this- a VERY disgruntled customer.

    Edit: I also forgot to add that the NPCs that used to be hidden til they attacked you (IE Kobold Rogues in Garrison's Missing P{ack and others) Are clearly visible at all times- another thing broken that needs fixing
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