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    Exclamation MINDSUNDER: small question

    Am premium ,i did the IQ chain with a guest pass, all was smooth as a newborn baby. But when runing mindsunder at the end fight, i got an incredible lag and only i got it, no 1 else (party members were all VIP, all 5 but me).
    Is this normal, i run the mindsunder 2 times on elite, all quest smooth till end fight,
    my character the whole fight looked as when u are droping off a high place, i could cast normal but moving was a fight itself.
    Is this because i dont own the pack or a know issue?

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    I've never had any special lag issues when running Mindsunder. It may be a very recent bug addition or just the general festival lag.
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    not owning the pack wouldn't cause that, it's probably just lag or something running in the background besides DDO
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    The end fight tends to have a lot of things going on at once (multiple casters, quite a few quori, party members casting spells) so it could just be a slow down caused by that.
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