Randomly my camera will suddenly go out of control and start maxing out in a direction. ie, it will push the camera in to a horizontal spin or cause the camera to point straight up or down. and only way to correct it is to exit the client and restart it.

I can over come the horizontal spinning by going into 1st person and hold the right mouse button and aim the cursor and have to use the other hand to attack

I normal use the arrow keys on the keyboard with left hand for movement and use the trackball with my right for camera changes. I feel it has some thing to do with these shifting randomly.

I have tried switching the keyboard while this is happen with no luck.

It happen so few times tell the other night it did it every cove run i had to restart the client to cure it.

when in a horizontal spin you can hit "T" for mouse cursor and your character will spin

I been trying to observe better when it happens but I have not been able to reproduce it manually. This predates update 11, until past week or two it maybe happen once a week and then the other night it did it 6 or 8 times in mater of 4 hours. I have played lots of long night and it has not happen.

any sugestions?