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    Default No sound -- anyone else having this problem?

    All of a sudden, I lost sound, and just in DDO. I've checked all my other apps, no problems with sound whatsoever. I double-checked my audio settings in DDO, and those are unchanged. But no sound. No music, no sound effects. Just started early this morning.

    I've submitted an in-game ticket, wanted to check -- has anyone else experienced this?

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    I have itted at 11pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings. Just running to the quest Entrance to Xorian Cypher then nothing no game sound or mic. I managed to get some game sound back by reclicking on the primary sound outlet. But no voice at all. Even relogg and reloaded the game to see if it fixed but no. At work at the mmoment so can't see if its fixed by a reboot

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    I am also experiencing this since the last two updates. Honestly, it is quite annoying. You can fix it by choosing the speaker output in the game options -> Audio.

    But I can't fix the voice from other players. So what I do, I restart the client multiple times until it works.


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    Just a heads up, I had the same trouble a few days ago, had me and two friends all try to figure it out. The only fix we were able to find was to fully re install the game :/ Luckily it is not as long as an install as I thought it was going to be.
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    I have found many times when you lose sound and voice both, the game has reset to it's goofy defaults in the audio settings.

    You have to click on the speakers in the audio U.I. and tell it the actual speakers you are using (may require a computer restart fort he game to recognize them) and the exact same for your microphone.

    The system defaults to some goofy thing I don't think anyone has used since about 2001 or so (sarcasm) and I can't remember what they are atm, but they are certainly nothing I have seen, and I have used some pretty crappy machines, my good old trusty gateway with win '98 for example has something better than what I remember the default is, even though I can't run the game on it.

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