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  • The Outsider Bane properties now function correctly on crafted and the named Unstable Handwraps.
Currently false for me. I tested my lvl 20 monk's pair of Unstable Handwraps against an old pair of +1 Holy handwraps of Greater Outsider Bane with Festival Icy Burst (Risia) in Amrath against orthons and bearded devils (with the occasional tiefling). Using the Icy Bursted Holy of GEOB wraps, every effect applicable dealt damage (which is how I learned that the damage icon for "bane" is a green orb and that the Combat log lists it has "X damage"). Using the Unstable Handwraps, I only dealt chaotic damage from the handwraps, no bane (I should have taken a screen shot, may edit one in later). Did I miss something or did the fix not make it in like it should have?

Party UI:
Thanks for (some of) the changes. Glad to see that using a custom skin no longer resorts in a weird appearing for the party list, and that party member names are much closer together (the pet vitals option is a nice and needed touch). The cooldown animation darkening the clicky/item used is nicer than the brightening currently in place. My only problem is with the colors of the small text for party member's vitals. I find both pink on red for HP and pale/light blue on normal blue for HP hard to read, with the red on yellow for Ki feeling odd. I know the text is small, but can it please go back to being simple white?

And I know I said "a couple," but this third item needs to be mentioned: I could NOT add items into my Shared Bank on any character (it was already empty, so I couldn't see if I was able to withdraw from it). I tried adding items directly from inventory and adding items to my character bank before trying to place them in the account bank. Neither method worked. This is a rather disturbing bug to come across, even for Lamannia, so I really, really hope it is fixed in time for the patch to go live.