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    Default what kind of gear should i look for

    I'm new player and haven't found anything on the forums about what kind of gear I should be looking for. I'm a level 3 sorcerer using the arcane cannon revised build I found on the forums. From what I understand I should be looking for charisma gear along with spell enhancing gear but I'm not sure what the specifics are. I plan on being water savant with air I'm not sure its optimized for damage but I've started taking all cold enhancements, looking on the ah I see the +sp gear that looks nice but it seems like only stacking that would be taking away from gear slots that would have a better use otherwise. Any help would be appreciated thank you

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    At low levels you normally want this as a sorcerer:

    +cha items: Normally the best you can find, as long as you end up on an even number. Buying eagle's splendor wands is also a nice way to increase your DC.

    Sp items: Normally a weapon slot. It isn't such a bad loss really, just swap it after it's expended. I.e, you got a +100sp item, after you've used 100 sp, swap it to something better and you've lost nothing.

    Elemental clickies: Inferno, freeze, erosion and so on. A big boost to damage for 9 minutes/item. Is also a rather common end reward. Note that they don't stack with other items, use the best you can find.

    Spell focus items: Great weapons, adding DC's is always good.

    Lore items: Increases your crit chance. Nice to have, but I normally use those at higher levels. (Once you can have dual focus items)

    Also, remember that you can dual wield with no real penalty, double the effects = double the the fun.

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